Thursday, July 31, 2014

Country First

Have you noticed lately that stores are
carrying a lot more Made in the USA labels?

For the last few years, I've searched products
to see if I could buy American. If not, second
choice was Canadian, then Mexico.

Finally, it's not that hard to find
American Made products any more.

All the USA-made products in this post were
purchased at Walmart...

After reading how plastic chips break off into your
food, I replaced all my small plastic cutting boards
with wooden ones.

Next I replaced all plastic storage containers with
these gallon-sized glass Ball jars.

I've found I can paint my own labels on the jars
with chalk paint and it will stay on even through
the dishwasher cycles.

And buying American made products
turned out to be better for our health...

On the Doctor Oz show, I learned that
Extra Virgin Olive Oil from other countries
may not always meet the standards our
country requires.

I switched to California made brands
and have stuck with them. 

If it says Extra Virgin on the label, you can be
sure they've met the strict standards required
by our regulators.

Whichever country you live in, I hope
you'll buy your own country's products
first if you have a choice.


  1. For the mason jars, you can also write directly on them with dry erase markers. It wipes right of when you're ready.

    1. Jaimee, I replace the metal tops with the white ones and then write on the white ones with markers. I found that Magic Erasers will remove the markers printing. I know the white lids are plastic, but they don't touch food and don't rust like the metal ones.

  2. Actually I have noticed more products made in USA also. Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores merged and the manager told hubby it will all be one dollar items. I have noticed WalMart is competitive with Family Dollar and Dollar general. I have glas cutting boards and wood. I know this gal ;-) who makes handmade wooden cutting boards made in WI.

  3. What good ideas. I'm doing the same.

  4. Good to know about the olive oil. It's nice to find so many American made products at Walmart. I especially like to see the Ball jars because I grew up in the city where they originated. :)

  5. Yup, always love it when I see made in the good ole USA!