Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday Progress Party

Recently, I found a blog that has a blog
party for slowpokes like me.

The party features "progress" pictures
of your projects, not finished projects.

WOW...sign me up!

I've got a lot of half-done stuff around, ya know.
So here goes:

The old $12 coffee table

Yes, still working on this poor guy.

I thought it needed some wheels to make it higher.

Four wheels from Home Depot = $18.00

I planned to use some old bed slats to make
the bottom shelf...
Wild Bill offered to help and I was so surprised
(he hates my DIY projects)
that I forgot to tell him to use the bed slats.

So he cut up the high-dollar poplar boards we
bought a while back to frame windows.
(no Texans were hurt in the making of this shelf)
If you're not familiar with it,
"High-Dollar" is a Texas term meaning it costs
a lot -- usually implying it was not worth it.

My $12 bargain coffee table now has a bottom
shelf costing $48 ($16 per board x 3 boards)

Putting the shelf on knocked the bottom frame
out of whack. 

Some Elmer's Wood Glue and some handy
decorating books fixed it up fast!

And I had a basket that just fit the shelf...
but, it needed a few more.

I had to buy two more baskets at $16 each.
(almost $35 with tax)

What's next you might ask?
I want to add numbers to where the knobs
used to be, and the top needs to be sealed,
but I'm thinking I might sand it down and
put some stain and wax on it.

Whatever I do, it won't cost any more money.
For sure!
I've already spent over $100 fixing up
this $12 table.


  1. I was so happy to see that you entered your link to the progress party! I love seeing little glimpses of the steps involved in making your table. I love is so far and I think the numbers will really set it off! Bonus points for getting the hubby to help!

  2. oh I hear you on the $ bargain refurbished thing. Love the table though, you did a great job.

  3. Yer man wanted to give you the best. Your table looks great though, really love the idea of numbers.

  4. It looks so pretty and is highly functional--so worth all the time and money you invested in it!

  5. The shelf looks awesome- great idea, and yay for Wild Bill! Funny- we've done the same thing on a project and used the wrong wood. Oops! I liked seeing the decorating books called into service, too.

  6. Rivercrest Cottage,
    I L O V E it!!!

  7. Adorable. I love casters but they can be expensive.