Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Store Called My Favorite Room

Here's another store I can never pass up:
My Favorite Room

If you guessed it's in McKinney Texas,'re right!

Here's three pictures of the inside of the store 
from their page on Facebook:

The store's owner, Kathy of KBM Designs,
does design evaluations/recommendations in your
home at a reasonable rate. 
I've heard she does great work and that she has a
whole slew of carpenters and painters and such...
who can implement her designs for you if you
can't don't want to do it yourself.

I would ask her to make my home look
just like her shop if we ever get to the point
where we're able to decorate instead of just
replacing and repairing stuff on the never-
ending Fixin' To Do list.

When we were down in McKinney last week,
I wasn't brave enough to ask to take pictures
in the shop. Most shops don't like it, so I didn't
even ask...

But, I did let them know I was going to take
pictures of their entryway with all the
wonderful plants outside. After all, I didn't
want to be taken for a stalker!
If you saw my last post, now you know where
I got the idea for my entryway pots.

Here's an old fashion bathtub filled with
plants -- love it!
My favorite things to buy at the shop are
these preserved roses. Somehow they make
a real rose last forever.

You can see more of My Favorite Room
on both Pinterest and Facebook by
typing in the store's name.

As usual, all opinions are my own and
no compensation has been received.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Sugar, That looks like one store I would LOVE to see in person! It has so many cute things in it! You can just about always find something you love in a place like that.

    I wonder how they do those preserved roses? Those are GORGEOUS!!! xo Diana

  2. What a pretty shop! I love that Gustavian style sofa.

  3. I can see why it is your favorite store! When I go in a shop like that it makes me want to come home and change everything! It's beautiful!

  4. I love that store too! I can't resist the fresh flowers they are selling in there now. It does seem like the store has gotten more and more expensive but I always find something I want in there.

    A few years ago her house was on the McKinney Tour of Homes. Did you see it? If not I will send you a link to some pictures I took. :)

  5. Looks like a nice afternoon visit.

  6. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Thank you for letting me "tag along" at your favorite store!!! Use to be, we had several of those shops in our area, but seems they've all closed. I miss them.
    Loved the preserved roses. . .and the planter "tub"!!!
    "Mr. Ed" and I nearing the completion of 2015's Project Lists. . .but then there's 2016!!!

  7. I love the name of the store and it looks like such a quaint little shop. I would definitely see myself stopping in and spending too much money. It's true that a lot of stores won't allow you to take picture, but I was actually at a restaurant a couple of weeks ago and the waitress told me that I couldn't take pictures, too. That was a first.