Sunday, September 6, 2015

Talking Pansies

One of my favorite flowers to plant is
the pansy. They're hardier than they look
and they don't require much fussing...
 especially if you buy them dried and framed.
 This was a purchase at Laurieanna's shop down
in Canton Texas. Recently I recommended you
buy "smalls" in pairs, not singles. I bought this
framed picture before I learned that lesson.
 It says:
Pansy: Viola
Used as a bedding plant in Victorian gardens.
They bloom profusely in spring and fall plantings.
Edible. Evokes faithfulness and modesty in
the language of flowers.
 Are you old enough to remember when we all
put flowers between newspaper or book pages
to dry them? 
Wild Bill's cousin created a sweet framed
dried floral arrangement back in 1994.
Not as colorful as the one from Laurieanna's,
but sweet and pretty just the same. 
 I found it in a box of family stuff in the garage.
I think it will look good on the wall with
a few other framed floral pieces.
How about you? Do you have any dried floral
masterpieces from you childhood?
Thanks for dropping by!


  1. NO- I don't have any from my childhood. I used to have a huge old dictionary when I was a kid and pressed all kinds of flowers in there. Wish I knew where it was now. xo Diana

  2. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Dried flowers is truly, a "lost" art form, dear friend!!!
    Yes!!! In my childhood, I pressed and dried flowers!!!
    My sons and I did this one Summer when they, too, were young enough to find enjoyment in it.
    Pansies are one flower I enjoy Spring and again, in the Autumn. More so than Mums!!!
    Thank you for sharing and always inspiring!!!
    Happy Labor Day!!!

  3. These are so pretty! I do remember drying flowers like this. I am definitely going to do it again when my pansies bloom again. Beautiful!

  4. Love your pansies, I still have fall leaves in my phone book from last year, I don't remember why I collected them, clearly I had an idea, and ...

  5. I love pansies! They are the flower of my sorority, Delta Delta Delta. In college, I would collect anything with pansies. Sadly, all I have now is a beautiful glass dish with painted pansies. They have the sweetest "face" and the colors are so vivid. I planted some this past spring and enjoyed them for quite awhile. Such a lovely display you have!
    Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse

  6. The pictures are really lovely, and a treasure! Pansies have long been one of my favorites, and violas too! I do press flowers, and agree, it truly is getting to be a lost art. I have some of my Mom's old books, and every once in awhile, I'll find one -- I love it!

    Hope you've had a good weekend!!

  7. I love pansies too !
    AND I have a post coming up about " faux " flowers - soul sisters LOL
    I remember so well pressing flowers ( and leaves in the fall ) should try it again because they look gorgeous in your frames !

  8. you did a great job. love the pansies and where to choose to put them..

  9. I used to place a single flower from a specific event between wax paper and place in a book to save when I was young. But they are all long gone now.
    But they made for a nice surprise when discovered.

  10. I love Pansies too. They are very cold tolerant and I plant them very early in spring and late fall for long term color. When I buy some I think I will dry some of them. I place mine in a yellow pages book, and set something vey heavy on it (cast iron pan) and leave for 2 weeks.