Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Putting The Kitchen Together

The tile floors are finally done! Because the tiles are stone, they had to be sealed. The grout had to cure for at least 3 days before they sealed the tiles.

Of course, with our luck, we got delayed an extra week due to scheduling conflicts, but now we're putting everything back together. The dishwasher is back in place after getting new parts.

Here's the counter under the cabinets. I decided to decorate every inch of this counter because it tends to collect papers, and keys, and all sorts of crapola. By putting decorations here, I'm hoping there won't be any room for any unwanted mess.

Here's the counter area before I added decorations. Notice the microwave is below the counter. I really like this safety feature. All our built-in microwaves in the past were above the counter at shoulder height. The builder said he puts them below counters now as kids and older people have been getting burned taking food out of overhead areas.

On my "Fixin' To Do List" is to either paint the wall or add beadboard to it, and then age it down. I want to add corbels or something that will tie the counter to the upper cupboards. For now though, I'm just putting this old shelf up.

This is one of my "Things We Carry" pieces. I've hauled it around for over 20 years. I bought it at a garage sale dirt cheap. It's carved on the back with roses, flourishes, and lion's heads.

Of course, chickens and cloches were added in one form or another...

Next up, I need to clean out the cabinet above the counter and get things organized. I want to paint the back of the cupboard, and I'm thinking of taking the glass doors off. Always something.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing the kitchen's progress. If you have any ideas about what color to paint the inside of the cupboards, please leave me a comment.

Hope the weather is being as kind to you as it is to us in Northern Texas...there's even rain in the forecast!

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  1. This looks wonderful...visting from Brambleberry Cottage party but marking your site to favorites to come back and visit again! :)

  2. What I can see of it, it looks fabulous. Loving that old shelf too.

  3. Your kitchen is so cute. I wish you success in keeping cr*p off of the counters. Mine are always full of project stuff!

  4. This looks amazing, very pleasing to the eye. I love that old shelf and all your accessories. Thanks for the tip about the microwave. I was fixing to put mine over the stove and as I'm pretty short, I would probably burn myself at some point.

  5. What a gorgeous kitchen. I love the cabinets and the floor is perfect. I know what you mean about collecting stuff on the counters. I guess we all are in the kitchen the most, so that's why. Love all your collectibles.
    Thanks for stopping by with your sweet comment. Have a great week!