Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fixin' To Do List: End Table

I'm back to painting things white again. Here's a little end table that I planned to put in the guest bedroom, but for now it's in the front room until I get around to banging it up a bit and aging it down.

 Opppps...forgot to take a "before" picture of course!  Before I started this project, Wild Bill sanded down the table top and stained it with a dark stain from the garage stash.

First coat of paint using Annie Sloan's Old White. Here's a shot of the table after the second coat of paint and a good view of the top. The table is sitting on the new kitchen floor. So much prettier than the ugly cement floor that came with the house when we bought it.

Final coat of ASCP. This can of paint has been sitting for about 3 months and hadn't been used before. I turned it upside down for a while, then stirred it up and did the usual stuff, but it didn't go on very well. I read recently that some of the paint wasn't up to Annie Sloan's usual standards, and I have to say this can did not go on as well as the other cans I've bought.

The knob is from Hobby Lobby purchased during their 50% off sale. This picture shows the ugly cement floors we still have in the front room. The builder scored and stained all the floors in the house, but they are still ugly and are so hard on your feet.

Oppps again...I think I put the knob on upside down. Yeah, you guessed it, I'm too lazy to turn it up and take another picture.

Total cost of this project is $7.50. I spent $5.00 for the table at a garage sale several months ago, the knob I took off a dresser temporarily - but it was $2.50 when I bought it last summer, and I already had the paint and stain in my stash.

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  1. If you hadn't told us that knob was on upside down, we never would have known. The table looks great1 ~ Maureen

  2. Wild Bill! I love it. I sure could have used Wild Bill's expertise today, I stripped, sanded and primed and basecoated my grand niece's big girl bed. I've got the design on half and now I'm pooped. I love your table. Tell me why you think the paint didn't go on as well as usual.

  3. Stand on your head and take a picture so the knob is right side up. Thought I'd help *smile*.
    A great find of a table. Wild Bill did a great job and your painting! Purty table. Now let's talk about DIY knobs LOL!!! You guys did great!