Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dear Betsy...HELP!

Betsy Speert is a designer who has a blog called Betsy Speert's Blog. She is way better at designing than naming blogs. She just might have the best blog in the blogaspere...and I'm not just saying that because I'm going to beg her to pick my question to answer, altho I'm hoping it will help (a little), but knowing her maybe $%#@ not!

If you read her bio on the blog, it says "I've been designing longer than some of you have been alive..." . Well, if that's true in my case Betsy, you're pretty damn experienced!

Maybe I should just get to the point. Betsy answers design questions on the first Tuesday of the month. That's today. Betsy, if I haven't already made you %&*@# mad at me, please answer this question for me.

First here's some ugly pictures of the wall of my great room and the temporary curtains (I read your blog Betsy -- I know not to call them drapes now). I plan to change the furniture, paint, curtains, maybe even the door. So don't limit your imagination.

Betsy, what can I do to make the door and window look like they should be in the same room together? To the left of the door is a corner fireplace so there's only about 3 feet between the door and the fireplace. The floor will be wood. The ceiling is 12 feet high.

Please pick this pathetic situation to correct. I will be forever grateful.

You can see Betsy's answer and other requests at:


  1. I bet she'll say you should get longer curtains and hang them higher on the wall, for starters!

  2. Amen, Jenn. Mom, I think you need to get floor-length curtains that you hang all the way at the top of the wall. Get the same curtains for the door that you have for the window and hang the rod equally wide on the window and door, even if one is smaller than the other.