Thursday, August 23, 2012


The fireplace mantle got a make-over last night. I added some frames, chickens, darker flowers, and some candles. I also put Little Mary's picture back up.

If you remember from an earlier post, Little Mary is my father-in-law's older sister, who died when she was not much older than the age in this picture. Little Mary would be over 90 now if she had lived.

I couldn't find my new camera, so I got out my old one. Sorry for the flash in the corner of the picture. I tried using PicMonkey to edit it out, but I need more practice, or at least to read some tutorials.

This is my favorite chicken. I like the way its head is cocked to one side, questioning what in the heck it's doing up on the mantle no doubt.

And, as always, I love the dust on Little Mary's feet. There's just something about this picture that tugs my heart.

Trying to determine what color we should paint the living room. The ceiling is 12 foot tall and, so far, neither of us wants to get up on a ladder to paint. I have a few samples, but can't decide. The current color on the walls is a yellowish shade with green undertones. Just another reason not to buy a spec home. I regret we (and by that I mean Wild Bill)   did not build a forever home. I lean toward taupe-gray-browns, so this color is driving me nuts.

I'll gladly take all the decorations down and put them back up, if someone else gets brave enough to climb the ladder!


  1. You can decorate all you want. Just leave my guitars alone!

  2. Wild Bill, I would love to paint those guitars. you know how I feel about plain wood!