Saturday, September 1, 2012


Here's our little powder room, which was one of the rooms that recently got travertine tile on the floor.

It's not done, it's still a work in progress, but it's the only room I'm not too embarrassed to show you! 

The walls are highly textured and then covered with a stain. We bought a builder's spec home, so we didn't get to pick the colors or fixtures. But I like the stain they put over the wall color, so for now it stays.

This is the corner of the room, which is aged down with stain more in the corner than on the walls. It gives it a vintage look.

The original ugly brass faucet that came with this sink stopped working within the first 2 months that we had the house, even though we only came up to the house every other weekend.

We replaced it with this Kohler faucet, which was well worth the extra expense. The handles turn like butter. Sometimes I turn them just to feel how smooth the turn (no not really...well...maybe a little).

The cabinet and mirror are reproductions, which suit me fine.

I am fond of the sconce, but the original shade was black and a different shape. The walls are a yellowish base, so the black shade with the yellow reminded me of Halloween. I already had this shade so it was an easy cheap fix. If you see my garage, you might think I'm a candidate for the hoarder show, but sometimes keeping things pays off!

Here's a decoration at the top of the wall that the builder did. I'm not a fan of the beads and paint decor, and I have spent a year trying to figure out how to tone it down or remove it completely.

The top is painted on and the chain is an actual piece of chain glued to the wall and the bottom tip is a glued on bead. I'm afraid that removing them will damage the wall texture. Any suggestions on how to remove the decoration or tone it down??? I would appreciate ANY suggestions. HELP please!

Here's the travertine tile. It was hard to get a decent picture of it showing the actual color. It tends to show up as a pinkish brown in pictures, but it's really a cream base with grey and taupe streaks running through it.

This picture hangs outside the door in the hallway, but I'm going to hang it in the powder room. It has the same colors that are in the powder room and I'm going to darken the brassy metal towel hook and T.P. holder to match the dark brown color of the picture frame. Cross your fingers for me!

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  1. It really is very nicely done! I love the fixtures and tile go perfectly with one another and the bunny picture is really going to be a nice touch too!!

  2. I like the texture/stain look on the walls. Have no idea what you can do with the top of the walls though. Seems an odd choice to glue actual chain down though. My hall bathroom is next up on my list of things to do around here. Love the sconce idea.

  3. What a lovely power room!
    I love the mirror, so frenchy!!!!
    Thank you for stopping by at my little blog.

    Julie from down under

  4. Hi Sugar - I love your powder room - and agree with Julie - that's a beautiful mirror!
    Did you know that you're a no reply blogger?
    Instructions on how to fix that are on the top right hand corner of my blog!
    I've replied to you on my blog itself but just in case you don't see that, you asked if it was ASCP dark wax I used on my antiqued dresser - yes it was - and I have a tutorial on Monday morning on how I use it!
    Wow - this is a long comment lol
    Take care - big hugs,

  5. Wow, I think I would do any and everything to get those chain things off my wall! I think even if you have to patch it up it would be an improvement, but the rest is really lovely!