Thursday, January 30, 2014

One Off The To Do List

Remember that queen headboard from Craigslist?

I finally checked that project off the
"Fixing To Do" list.

I didn't distress the headboard yet, or
darken it with dark wax. 

I'm not sure if I'll leave it white. It
depends on what color I paint the walls.
But, for now, it seems to brighten up
the room.

I'm looking for two smaller wood
bedside tables that I can paint.

The ones we have are too large and too
dark. We bought them for the king-size
bed frame, then we decided to go down
to a queen.

I found an old comforter and pillow
shams in a closet. I think they're from
around 1997 when I was in my
"I'm a little bit country" days.

Yes, I'm a hoarder, no doubt!

We're using these temporarily until we
decide what color we'll paint the walls
and then we'll find bedding to match.

I bought a bed skirt at Pottery Barn
last Sunday. I'm hoping the wrinkles
fall out by themselves. 

I put our bench at the foot of the bed,
but it looks odd so I removed it.

I haven't told Wild Bill yet, but I'm
thinking he could build a foot-board
like the headboard.

Here's a photo of the back.
I think maybe a 4x4 with a fence
cap and a round thingy on top.

I actually have four similar round thingies,
left over from an old bed frame we had.
And four of the fence caps too!

I told you I was a hoarder, right?

Well, one down...
and about 98 other projects to go!


What are you planning to finish this year?

I'm joining parties here this week:


  1. I liked the bench! But a foot board would be great, because it keeps the covers on! Very pretty find!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I'm checking your blog for inspiration!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for letting me know you like it. I'm dying to age it down, but need to know what color the walls will be.

  3. I love the headboard and I love the white...I don't think you can have too much white in a bedroom...Love love the side tables...I would love them painted white to go with the headboard...I just replaced my small ones with larger ones painted wow they look so fresh and crisp....I would love to steal that it...

    1. I would love to paint those side tables too, but the Texan loves dark wood and won't let me at them! thanks for stopping by.

  4. Your headboard is very very pretty and I really like it. I agree with Phyllis, I would paint the two end tables white.
    Anxious to see what color you paint the walls.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. thanks for your comment Mary. I wish I could paint them, but they're only a year or so old so wouldn't dare.

  5. What a great headboard! We're stranded in Charlotte NC - our flight was cancelled. Watching a lot of HGTV! Grey (gray) seems to be the popular wall color - and I really LIKE it. It would be great with white headboard :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca. I love the look of dark gray too. It's on my list.

  6. I think it looks great! I love the way it looks.

  7. Nice work, Mom. The headboard looks great. I agree that the bench looked all in that space -- too big and dark.

    1. hey Jaimee. I kind of feel like it might be too "sweet" just white so I'm going to age it down if it stays white. thanks for leaving a comment.

  8. Sounds like your one completed task is having a snowball effect and creating more tasks for you and Bill's to do lists! It's never ending, that's how I feel about my to do list on the weekend!

    1. Oh Jenn, you hit it on the head. So many projects, but luckily sooooo much time!

  9. Looks so great! Positively LOVE the headboard...

  10. Your headboard looks great. The white brightens up your room.
    Mary Alice

    1. Thanks for stopping by Mary Alice. Yes, the room is dark and on the greenish brown side which doesn't help. The builder did the colors as it's a spec house. I do not like any of the colors and it's been 3 years this week since we bought the house, so it's time to paint!

  11. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Completion quite nicely, dear friend!!!
    I like the comforter and the the house is my kinda' shopping since retirement!!! I'm anxious to see what color you choose for the walls!!!
    Completion...projects...not sure I have 98 left to go...but we are getting many completed here on our side of the Prairie!!! When the weather is COLD outdoors, we head to Studio One where its warm, cozy and filled with projects!!!
    Have a wonderful week ahead!!!

  12. That is just beautiful! Your headboard looks fantastic white. I love the cottage bedroom look.

  13. I think it looks're right...fresh and bright!

  14. What a great find, it really brightens up the room!

  15. If I had ever owned that bedding set, I would have for sure hoarded it!!!! That is beautiful!
    The room looks lovely!

  16. HI!, I've been checking your blog since I see you are following my Heather Chadduck board at pinterest..don't you love that place? It sound like you have a handy dandy husband. I bet he could make a bench/footboard bench to go at the end of your bed....