Friday, July 18, 2014

What I Bought At 3 French Hens

This aged-down tray was one of
the things I bought at

Three French Hens Antiques

I filled it with tarnished silverware:

I have a few things made from the same
tin material that I would like to age
down and put lettering on, so I bought
this to use as an example...

Pretty simple right, but I'm getting old
and I thought it might slip my mind
how it looked so buying one seemed
like a good idea.
Besides I love the shape of it too.

I'm getting ready to move quite a bit of
stuff around in the kitchen.

My goal is to get out the Fall stuff
this week (yes it's mid-July) and start
decorating for the next season.

What??? Too early you say?

I'm not a fan of Summer.

I'd rather have faux pumpkins in the
house and pretend they're growing
...think of it as a "farm-y" look if you
don't like the idea of Fall already.

Believe me, it will be October before
I'm close to being done anyway.

I tend to get distracted with on-going
projects getting in the way...

I think I have:
Attention Deficit Decorating Disorder

You probably have it too if you're
always moving things around.

Thanks for dropping by!
I appreciate the visit.

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  1. I love it! I totally have ADDD!! I also have a wicked case of Decorating OCD! Everything has to look just right, at all times! That's the goal anyway...with a husband and teenagers milling about, it never happens! Love the tin tray!

  2. hahhaa...i love this. I am just now doing summer decor...

  3. Ah-HaaaaH So that's my ailment!
    LOVE the tin!

  4. I love it!! So beautiful with so much character!!

  5. That is an amazing tray! I love that you filled it with silverware!

    I prefer fall too. The decor, the food, the clothes...the weather!

  6. I adore that tray. It's a fabulous find and you found the perfect use for it.

    I'm not sure what you would call my disorder. I'm constantly moving things around, too, but once I finally decide on the placement, it stays that way for an entire lifetime... :)

  7. Rivercrest Cottage,
    There is a "name" to what we share in common?
    I confess, dear friend, I'm constantly moving things!!!
    Love, LOVE, L O V E your new "aged~down" tray!
    I'll be watching for your pumpkins. . .
    Autumn is my favorite Season, too!!!
    My favorite holiday is Christmas. . .
    and the lower level decorating will begin
    l o n g before "the frost is on the pumpkins"!!!

  8. Love the size and shape of your tray. Your silverware looks pretty there, and I can see you using it for all kinds of things. I know what you mean about decorating for the next season. After July 4th, I'm ready for something different. Put out some apples with your pumpkins, and you can have a back to school/farm theme. :)

  9. I am ready for fall too! I will try to wait.

  10. Great idea. You gave me an idea... I have a ceramic flower pot about the same size. Now I'm going to use it for silverware, thanks to you.

  11. I'm not a fan of Summer either! I'm so ready for cool, even cold, weather! This was a really cute post…the whole vignette is great…I love the Baguette bin with your flatware and the cloche over the side looks so cute with the scale and butter dish underneath.