Friday, May 5, 2017

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Hey There...TGIF!  Today I'm joining the Five-On-Friday link party, and my Friday's five are a mishmash of issues with not much of a common theme except that they all happened this week. 

ONE: Tornados in Texas.  

Last Saturday I wanted to go down to First Monday Trade Days, which is 2 hours south of us in Canton Texas. 

My favorite shop, LaurieAnnas, is there and only opens 4 days a month during Trade Days. 

News Photo Of Tornado Damage In Canton TX

Thankfully, I kept putting off going until it got too late Saturday. 

We missed the tornados, but sadly four people were killed and many injured in Canton on Saturday when one of six tornados hit the Trade Days area of Canton.  Please say a prayer for the folks of Canton as they try to repair their lives.

TWO: Decluttering Continues.  

My goal is to reduce my "stuff" this year by 30%. So far we've donated, given away, or sold everything in one sitting room and turned it back into a dining room. 

With that, I feel like we've made a good start, but some things I'm keeping -- like this vintage cowbell, which I wrote about recently.

THREE: Chippy Makeovers.  

I've found during decluttering that if I keep something, I usually paint it a chippy white. Here are a few of my latest victims, which are still a work in progress...

FOUR: Post Featured.  

A big THANK YOU to Rattlebridge Farm for featuring one of my recent chalk paint blog posts on this week's Foodie Friday And Everything Else blog party. 

Since I'm not the greatest cook, the "Foodie" part is out for me, so I do the "everything else"submissions like the chalk painted birds here.

That leads to this week's yummy number Five below...

FIVE: Simply Stacie's Potatoes.  

I pinned, I printed and I drooled over Simply Stacie's recipe from this week's Foodie Friday party. It sounds easy enough for me to make, so I'm giving it a try. Spoiler Alert: Her secret ingredient is chicken broth!

So that's my five this week. Be sure to click over to the Five-On-Friday link party, now hosted by Tricky and Carly at the F.A.S.T. blog.

You just might want to join the party. I hope to see your five there soon.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. That's so scary about the tornadoes, had some here in the middle of the state, but most of the storms broke up before they got to us.
    I'm not surprised your blog was featured, you do such interesting work.

  2. I always love these Five On Friday posts, Sugar. I love all your chalk painted items and glad you are decluttering! Me, too!!!

    It is so sad what happened in TX and all the flooding going on around the country. xo Diana

  3. So sorry to hear about the tornados, my heart goes out to all of those affected. Congratulations on getting your post featured, love the things you do. Take care.

  4. We have family and friends in Texas, and hope that they all stay safe, and others affected by the tornados find comfort and peace.

    I do love "your five," The chippy makeovers are real treasures as is the cowbell that I'm glad you're finding a place for.

  5. So sad about the tornados. Canton is one of my favorite places and I haven't visited in years. I giggled at your "latest victims" ... !!! I'm going to check out the recipe. Happy Friday!

  6. Five on Fridays is a great idea. Cleaning out an entire room and turning it back into its original - awesome (that was a lot of work!)

  7. Wow! Glad you are okay. The damage tornadoes can do is terrible. You're doing great on your decluttering. That's quite a lot to get rid of. I was doing quite well, but seem to have stalled.

    Happy Five on Friday

  8. Sad to read about the tornados, we don't have them. It's a good thing to paint things white - I'll have some victims in mind :) I have some vintage cowbells too. Have you found a good modern use for them?

    1. In your response to your question Riita, I am thinking of hanging it as a dinner bell since we are Texans. Otherwise, I bought a large cow recently and am thinking of hanging it around the cow's neck. Thanks for asking.

  9. I heard about the tornadoes on the news, it's always very impressive as we don't have them in Brittany. I like all your chippy white pieces.

  10. How awful about the tornadoes, there's nothing much you can do about them. What a great cowbell, it looks quite heavy, poor cow!

  11. I love how you referred to your chippy pieces as "victims". And, that cowbell!!!

  12. How scary, tornados. The cow bell is lovely. it makes me think of the Saturday Night showwith the singing and playing of the cow bell. The chippy pieces are lovely. Happy Saturday.

  13. Ohh, the tornadoes sound awful, glad you're ok. The recipe sounds lovely. Cathy x

  14. I enjoyed your five and am really pleased you missed the tornadoes in Canton. The potato dish looks delish.


  15. So glad that you missed the tornadoes and so sorry that people were killed and injured. They are so scary.

    Love all items that you painted - they look great. I am going to have to try that potato dish.

    Have a great week.