Friday, May 26, 2017

Red Lantern Makeover

In my last post, I said I planned to paint the red vintage lantern that was in that post. 

So, here it is...Not finished, but in progress.
I painted it with One-Step Paint in Kembel since I already had that paint color out when I painted the spotted chicken HERE. 
After the paint dried, I used a waxing brush and an old rag to add Annie Sloan's clear and dark wax to age it down. 
I'm letting that dry, then I'll add a little more dark wax. I would've kept going in one setting, but more dark wax was coming off then going on. 

By letting it dry the wax will set and I'll be able to add more dark wax without rubbing off what's already there.
I liked the original red color of the lantern, but because it was red, I usually had it stored away except for the Christmas holiday season. 
It seemed the red only looked good in the house with the red and green decorations of Christmas. 
And, since we're still on a decluttering/downsizing kick, I have vowed to either "use it" or "lose it" with as much stuff as I possibly can. No more storing things away if I can find a way to keep them out all year.

If you're not familiar with waxing, using clear wax makes it easier to put the dark wax on without it globbing up. If too much dark wax builds up, just use some clear wax to remove as much as you need to remove.  

Well, that's where I'm at right now, but I'm putting the waxing on hold for a little while. I'm flying out to California to help my mother move. 

I grew up in the wine country in a little town called Sonoma on the other side of the hill from Napa. Most people are more familiar with Napa than Sonoma, but I think they're missing out.

Sonoma is so much prettier than Napa, and as the saying goes in our home town: "Sonoma Makes Wine, Napa Makes Auto Parts."

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I know Sonoma well, we use to call that area Snapanoma.
    I find Napa just a little "chi-chi" for my taste.
    I like your lantern, but as my kitchen is done with read accessories, I would have kept it red.

  2. I have a little lantern that sits in the garden and now I'm wondering if I should spiff it up.

  3. It looks good...I could do red all year but I get not everyone can. I like the color you painted yours! I also like your "use it or lose it". Good to live by!
    I love Sonoma! I think it is way better than Napa. More quaint and not as touristy!

  4. I have so much seasonal décor that we need to sort out, such a great idea to make the lantern fit in all year round. Inspirational.

  5. I like the lantern but like the red color best.

  6. I love the lantern in any color, it's perfect, and you've made its change look so easy!

  7. I love it - the paint color and wax makes it look so rustic! Great job! I've stayed in Sonoma at the Fairmont. It was truly the most beautiful place. We toured the wineries and ate at fabulous restaurants and visited the shops. I've always wanted to go back. xx Karen