Friday, September 8, 2017

A Lovely Neighborhood

Here's a neighborhood I like to drive through when we're in Plano, just a little north of Dallas. 

I love the trees and the planting beds surrounding each of the houses here. This short rock wall below is one of my favorite features, and I'd love to recreate it in our planting beds. 

The covered and partially enclosed porch on the left side of the entryway here is another feature I'd like to reproduce in our house. We built a front patio next to our entryway, but we didn't cover it. I'd like a do-over on that!

Here's a close up of that partially enclosed porch. See it under the second story windows?

I love the uniqueness of this house with its two rooms jutting out on either side of the entry and the ground cover flowing up the sidewalk and right up the trees. 

I think what attracts me to these houses is how they're situated on each property. Instead of sitting squarely on the lot, each house seems to be adapted to its own site as if it were a house out in the woods instead of sitting in a subdivision right in town.

You don't find square shaped lawns with a walkway going right up the middle of the grass here. Instead, you find curves, bending walkways and sidewalks that swoop and curve.

And of course the trees catch your attention right from the start. The trees appear to be way older than the houses so you have to wonder if that's why the houses appear to be fitted into the trees inside of the trees fitted into the house's plot.

This last picture looks like a church, but it's just the front side of a garage of one of the houses. A statue built into a niche sits in the front yard with beautiful landscaping around it. 

I'm not a fan of statues, but I do think the landscaping around the statue is fantastic.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Beautiful home - now all of the new homes have no yard and are so close together that you can hear the people talking.


    1. Mary, the thing I hate about our current house is too much yard! I always study yards when we're out to see how I can cut down on our yard. Too much lawn to water and mow, especially in Texas!

  2. beautiful homes! When we lived near Atlanta I loved driving around just looking at all the amazing homes and neighborhoods. it was just as good at night when you could get a peek at the lovely decor too!

  3. lovely homes...i was just looking at the beautiful homes that were totally under water in Houston so sad

  4. They sure are beautiful homes though way too big for me and too close together, but the landscaping is certainly beautiful.

  5. They certainly are beautiful homes, I love how they appear to have been built around those amazing trees. Giving each plot an unique feel.

  6. They are beautiful and each one unique, I like that.

  7. You are doing what I really enjoying doing - Looking at homes and getting my own ideas. I love the way the homes are situated on the lots too - It blends better with the lot, and they don'tl ook so "cookie-cutter-ish."

    I hope all is well in your time zone, and you're enjoying your weekend! Take care!

  8. Adorable home. I love the look of the outside and the entry way.

  9. Yes, they are wonderful! Especially the stone one. They have such an 'old world' quality! x K

  10. These are lovely homes on beautiful big lots. Here in southern California, you can get a big house but on a postage stamp size lot! It still amazes me since I'm not a true Californian. Dallas and surrounding area is very pretty. Wishing you the best, Pat