Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What I'm Painting White Wednesday

It's been a while since I've done a Paint It White Wednesday. Here's what I've been painting white this week:

This basket started off in an orangish natural state. It seemed to me it would be better painted white so I could fill it with some orange pumpkins. I've had it quite a while in my junk stash, and I think the color kept it from getting some love.

This is the original natural finish of the basket...

The basket is still a work in progress, but I did finish this resin-bowl-type-vase thingy!

I don't really know what its original use would be. I bought it a few years ago, for a couple of dollars, because I liked the fancy design on the sides. 

Even if you start with plastic, a little chalky-type paint can change the look for the better.

I may use it as a stand for a tray by gluing a tray to the bottom here. I think it looks just as good upside down as it does right side up.

In this post, I asked whether I should paint this cabinet or leave it be? Most comments said leave it as is for a while and live with it, which is the way I was leaning too.

But...and there's always a BUT, right? When I cleaned up the cabinet, the back seemed to have some dark stains (I couldn't see the back when it was in the store) and I wanted to seal that up. 

I painted it with white chalk paint, 1-Step by Amy Howard, to seal it. I chose 1-Step because it clings so well to anything I paint...plastic, wood, metal, etc. Here's the first coat of paint...

It took several more thin coats to even the color out and, since the back won't show, I wasn't making it pretty as much as just making it fresher. 

I think in the future I might paint over the white paint with a pretty dark blue color that doesn't contrast so much, but for now it's good!

The top wasn't pretty either since the top was made of the same "junk" wood as the back. I slapped some white paint on the recessed part of the top too as you can see here.

As you can see, even the "pretty" wood on the top is marked up quite a bit with scratches. Luckily, that part doesn't show when the top and bottom are put together. 

For now the cabinet is sitting in the dining-room-turning-hobby-room waiting for me to pretty up the wood with some teak oil. 

I'm still thinking I will not paint it...well, maybe the inside...as I really like the look of that big hunk of wood with all the painted furniture we have.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I like the look of the resin bowl thingy. The chalk white paint makes it look like ceramic. Do you sell the stuff that you revamp or keep it all in your home?

    1. I usually make over an item a few times for the fun of it, then I usually donate it to a local charity thrift shop that supports a free food pantry. I like to find things at garage sales to use as victims of my paint brush.

    2. I bet you could sell your stuff on ebay or etsy.

  2. Dining room into craft room? I'm thinking of turning my dining room into a library after all I read A LOT, and we never eat in the dining room. I like the basket, it'll look good filled up with pumpkins.

  3. Love the basket, they are always so versatile and can be used all year around.

  4. I love the upside down resin thingy. It will make a nice base for a tray. xo Laura

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog 😀 I love the work in progress if the basket, it has that sort of distressed look. Love your resin planter thingy too! Have a great weekend,

  6. Hi Sugar! I love your hutch and I love that first basket that you were painting white. I am thinking of trying the Amy Howard paint on our kitchen table. What do you think?