Tuesday, October 24, 2017

White Wednesday: Stained Glass

Someday I'll come to the end of the pile in the garage. But today is not that day!

I've never been a stained glass person myself. This is a stained glass piece my mother-in-law didn't want anymore. It was a gift from a friend in 2002.

A while back, she decided to let it go when we were decluttering her apartment in her retirement community. 

When I got home, I placed it in a box marked "To Sell or Donate" and put it in the back of our garage to ruminate on it. 

Within a few weeks it started to grow on me. Always a bad sign when you need to declutter too!

Of course my first thought at that point was, "How would this look with some vintage looking, white distressed paint?" And, just like that, it became my next victim!

First coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in the color Limestone...

Second coat of Limestone...

This little jar is really going far! I absolutely love working with this paint.

Now it was time to rough up that pristine white paint. Some things just call for a little distressing around it, and stained glass is one of them! 

To distress the edges, I used a piece of rough sandpaper and a small bowl of water to wet the sandpaper. Don't get it too wet...just enough to make it easy to take a little of the paint off!

Later I'll add some dark wax to the areas I've sanded to age it a little more. I like to wait until I have a few things to wax, then I'll do them all at the same time. 

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Adorable! I love the new white frame.

  2. Wow! It has turned out into beautiful glass...

  3. More modern with the white frame! Great job!

  4. I like it, I think stained glass is pretty.

  5. I think that turned out really great- so much better surrounded by the white instead of the oak. I like some stained glass but not all of it. I love the really old pieces from churches, etc. This one you redid is quite pretty though.
    Have a great Wednesday- xo Diana

  6. You tickle me calling it your next victim. I'm not much of a stained glass person either, but I like it much better with the white frame. It looks very old and pretty now.

  7. I'm not a great fan of stained glass either but I like what you've done with the frame.

  8. Looks terrific. Like it better this way.


  9. What a stunning piece!! You did a great job on it!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  10. I love stained glass. We used to have a window in the house, but the originals owners took it with them. Boo. I would love to find another. The white makes a huge difference. Don't you love paint?