Saturday, April 14, 2018

It's Flag Season...Again.

I'm still standing by what I said in a post last year...

When it comes to decorating, there's only three seasons: Fall, Christmas, and Flag Season.

Basically, I love putting small flags in anything that stands still. As you can see in the picture above, adding dried beans to a canning jar helps to keep the flags standing up. 

I've found the best place to buy these small American flags is Home Depot. I usually find them there for 99 cents each. Lowe's carries the little flags too, but their price is a little higher. Yep, I'm lazy and cheap!

Right now I'm breaking out last year's flags to get started. I have to confess, it takes me a while to get it done when it comes to decorating. So once decor is up, I like to leave it a while. How about you?

Flags In The Pots Last Year

If you're a fellow lazy decorator, flags work - inside and outside -the whole month of May (building up to Memorial Day) then stay around for the 4th of July, and through the summer and on to Labor Day! 

That's why I'm repeating here what I said in this POST last year, except for Christmas and fall, all the rest of the year can be Flag Season.

In The Heat Of Summer When Flowers Die, Flags Can Add Color

Just let your little flags fly and add flowers, chickens, candles... whatever hits your fancy.

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. I love that! Flag Season! What a wonderful season indeed! Your little displays look so lovely and patriotic too! ♥

  2. Our flag is so beautiful! Looks so pretty - love it! xo K

  3. Very neat. I love seeing flags out and every so often I make it a point to count as I leave my house just how many folks fly flags all the time. I love it.

  4. I love flags, too. Last year at the Dollar store they had packages of 2 to a pack for $1. Gotta love a deal like that!
    Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. xo Diana

    1. That sounds like a good price. Will be stopping by The Dollar Store.

  5. I need to get some flags!!

  6. I wrote a long comment here before and it went into comment heaven! I didn't even know there was a flag season. Here in the UK if I put out a Union Jack everyone would think I was racist!

    We have a boat with our house in AZ and the flag pole has remained empty ever since we bought it. We could go for 2 I suppose a Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes. Or maybe one of Prince Harry and Meghan would work? Ha, joking.