Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bill Has A New Girlfriend

Fedex arrived today with a box from Dell for Bill. He called me at lunch time "just to say hi"...yeah, right! So I played along and chatted him up until he couldn't stand it any more and asked "Did FEDEX bring my new computer?" "Come on Bill, I know you probably have been checking the tracking and saw they delivered it at 10."
"Yes", he said "but it shows someone named 'Solsen' signed for it and I was worried they delivered it to the wrong address." Nope, just my crummy handwriting. "Well, I'll come straight home tonight."

Hmmmmmm...I wonder if he's really missing me or is it the delivery he wants to embrace? What do you think?


  1. Did he get himself a laptop or a new desktop?

  2. A laptop. We are trying to downsize and reduce clutter. Hopefully, he will get rid of his computer and desk, etc.

  3. I will have you know that I have not even hooked up my new laptop since I have more important stuff to do like taking care of my wonderful wife!