Monday, September 20, 2010

The 60's and Finding Family

Just wondering... if you grew up in the 50's and 60's did you wear the curlers with curler cap like I'm styling in this mid-1960's picture?

I had never seen this picture of me until last night. It was sent to me by a sister I lost contact with years ago. Around Labor Day, she emailed me after finding me on I joined Classmates simply hoping to find her, now after a year on Classmates, she found me. I am grateful. She's like a plug for a hole in my heart.

My dad married her mother when I was around 7 and Kathy around 10. For years we shared only camping trips and family vacations, then when I was 13, we shared a room together for the next 3 and a half years. For an only child, she never showed any distress at having to take in this younger, seldom seen, step-sister. For her friendship and acceptance at a time when I really needed it, I will always be grateful.

Due to our parents divorce, we lost contact during the time I was in the Air Force. She had moved out of state, but my father always wished to get in contact with her and he and I tried one time to find the days before the internet...but she had remarried and moved to yet another state, so our search never panned out. Not knowing her last name proved to make our search impossible back then. God bless the internet!


  1. Flashback///pink or turquoise capped rollers that left dents in the hair. Then the pink foam rollers. Mom put this dippity dew or Depp stuff on my head and made pin curls with bobbypins and metal clips. My hair looked like a burdock!! I am glad to know someone who went thru those days lol!
    Finding your sis is terrific! I am so happy for you. Now to catch up with each other. I am glad you found the plug to your heart. That sounded weird but hey you understand what I mean.

  2. Love the pic! So happy you found your sister after all these years.

  3. Okie Dokie, I'm trying again. I love your blog, it's just great to see your family and what you have been doing. Your grandkids are precious, as they all are. Lilly looks like you, Sharon.

    The best thing is that we found each other after all these years. We have so many memories.

  4. I'm just snooping around your blog... loved this post! So glad you found one another and plugged that hole in your heart! :-))