Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yesterday And Today

This was yesterday...

This is today...

Somehow 32 years passed in between.


  1. Beautiful photos. Seems you turn around and they've grown up so fast.

  2. Think how fast time will fly and Ben will have a baby of his own. Crazy! I already have moments where I wish I could freezze time because Ben is getting too big!

  3. You're right Toodie. I'm still 19 and all 3 of them are over 30...How'd that happen?

    Jaysa, I'm already looking at Ben's new pictures and wishing he would stay little forever. Don't want that crazy hair to start being normal.

  4. Yeah-- time goes so slow when you are young and then you wake up and your baby is a grandpa! Now how did that happen? I think we waste so much of life before we realize how precious it is. Hang on to every moment for this time will not come again!