Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Texan With Hoof In Mouth Disease

Last week as Wild Bill was "ah fixin" to make a trip down to the old house to pick up another load of stuff, he stated that he almost called it home. It's hard to shift in the early stages of moving. "Well," I said "Home is where the heart is."

Him: "Home is where my guitars and computers are."

Me: "Not where your wife is???"

Him: "uhhhhh, that's what I was a fixin' to say next!"

Me: "hmmmm, I see your priorities."


  1. How have I never realized how enormous Bill's head is?

  2. Hahahah, so cute. That Bill cracks me up.

  3. Leave it to a guy to tell it like it is. LOL

  4. I see he brown nosed with ah kiss to make amens.
    Have a great weekend you two an take it easy.

  5. cute!
    I could tell by your blog title that you have a great sense of humor.
    Thank you so much for your comment at fieldstone hill today. You have the gift of encouragement!

  6. aww that is sooo sweet! You two are just to cute:)

  7. HiLARious!
    I think I am married to the same man, but he would say, home is where the remote and the beers are! (I married an Okie!)
    LOVE this. Will share this with him this evening.
    Thanks for following me too!