Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ya Gotta Love Her

More than a few times I 've written about Dee. She belongs to my middle daughter and her husband, or should I say they belong to her? Recently they all came down to visit and bring their 1-year-old son Ben to meet the rest of the Texas branch of the family.

Dee was a pound puppy, about 2 years old, when Jaysa and Mike adopted her. Dee loves two things with great gusto: Her baby boy Ben (who, at 14 months, is fast out-growing Dee) and EATING.

Dee especially loves human food, and is never far from anyone who has a plate they might share. Subtlety is not Dee's strong suit. She's a more "get in your face" kind of girl!

When Dee thinks it's time to be fed, she picks up her dog bowl and carries it around.

I had to crack up at the chewed up edges of her bowl. Dee is none too patient with her humans and gets pretty insistent with the bowl.

As you can see, she had an entire obstacle course of Ben's toys to get through. She pranced around with the bowl in her mouth until finally her dad gave up and got her some dog food.


  1. Oh Dee! She is a character. We got her when she was about 1, and she will be 6 soon. Time flies. Dee has slowed down a lot in the last 5 years, but the one thing that hasn't changed is her love of food!

  2. Oh those eyes. I bet she's ah cuddle bug too. Maybe I should have my bowl in my mouth and hubby would get the hint to 'make something' LOL! I hope you are safe from the storms. Sedalia south of me just had a tornado destroy a man store. Hubby is sobbing right ah manly way that is.

  3. I love this post. Dee is adorable and so very smart!

  4. What a sweet girl Dee is!! I love the little things they do like carrying their bowls around that make them so darn endearing!! :-))

  5. Dee sounds like she is quite the character! Reminds me of my dog, Emmit. LOVE IT!

  6. Dee reminds me of two of my rescued dogs. I think when they are starved or hungry as puppies they never forget it. I have one that is fat as a butterball now, but still begs for food, and then takes it in a corner to eat-like she thinks someone will take it away from her. The other one hides food. It is sad that they can never accept that you will always care for them, even though others didn't.