Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

We have three daughters, two can cook. The third one once burned Cup O Noodles because, although there's only one step to it -- add water and microwave -- she forgot to add water! Luckily, she married a very good guy who can, thankfully, cook. We went to visit them early this month.

The snow came down intermittenly while we were in the Chicago area. One day my daughter called and asked me to go to a certain cabinet in her kitchen. "Look in the left side of the cabinet." she said. "There's a green binder, it says recipes..." hmmmm? I held my breath wondering what she might be planning to cook for us.

Did I mention she's a neat freak who lables and organizes everything?

Fearfully, I opened her recipe book up as she directed...

YAY!!! She only wanted the phone number for the local pizza place. We lived through another meal.

We're still wondering what will happen when she actually starts collecting recipes instead of to-go menus?


  1. Neither of my daughters could cook and both married men who had worked in restaurants. It has been a great relief to me when I visit! ~ Maureen

  2. Oh, those wonderful mothers of men who teach their sons to cook!

  3. Maybe some cooking classes for a birthday or Christmas present?

  4. Mom, you are a hoot. It's probably important to mention that she doesn't know how to cook because she hates to cook. I think she could be good if she had any interest whatsoever.

  5. Yeah, 0 interest. I can throw a few dishes together and I can make cookies. Outside of that, those menus are my cookbook.

    All joking aside, Mom *might* have taken some artistic license here. There were recipes in that book too... I might not ever make them, but they are there. ;-)