Thursday, March 1, 2012

Entryway Mirror

On Pinterest, I have a board for my entryway conversion. We plan to wall off the dining room's archway that leads to the entry hallway, and put a mudroom-type bench in the hall side and cabinets on the dining room side. The dining room is becoming a sitting room, but that's another story!

My favorite mudroom pin is this one:

I've hauled this mirror around for over 18 years, but have never used it. I think it would work for the mirror in the picture. While normally I always perfer to paint wooden objects, I wouldn't choose to paint this one.

Although it's dusty and needs some TLC, I love the details that someone created by hand so many years ago. I think a little wood restoration is needed, but I wouldn't want to do anything to hurt the original finish.

This mirror was given to me. It once had a matching handmade dresser that had been sawn a little to fit the dresser into a kitchen. I was told the dresser sat in that kitchen for 75 years, and that the mirror and dresser were very old even before it was fitted into the kitchen. So 75 plus 18...makes it 93 years ago when the then "old" dresser was sawn and fitted into that kitchen.

Hopefully we will be able to make that entryway mudroom come to life soon. In the meantime I'll be finding some product to bring some life back to the wood on the mirror, but nothing that will change it too much.

Any suggestions on what product to use that will revitalize the wood, but not change the finish, would be appreciated. Please let me know if you've rescued an old wood piece without painting it. Painting would be sooooooo easy, but I know it really needs to stay in its original state.

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  1. Can't wait to see what you do with it. I agree that some things don't don't need painting and your mirror certainly doesn't.
    BUT I can just imagine it in distressed cream, especially the mouldings.
    Lovely mirror.


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  3. I like the mirror like that,but think I'd want to paint it. I just happen to have two similar styled mirrors which I've been looking at very closely with the same thoughts! I too have dragged them around for about 18yrs! hahaha!
    xo wendy

  4. I love the mirror (and pinterest too) and don't have any suggestions on a product to use--But share with us when you find one and the end result!

    I hope you're doing well, and have had a good day!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my mirrors turned chalkboards. I adore yours and all the detail is amazing. I have never had a problem painting wood but that is probably because I grew up in a house where everything was oak..never any colors. Must be the rebel in me now. Can't wait to see what you do and the mud room looks divine.
    new follower

  6. I agree that some things just don't need to be painted! I paint lots of old furniture but sometimes the history and character of an old piece stops me in my tracks. Formbys makes a product called Furniture Restore that works very well. There are also a few other products I've used with pretty good luck.

    Your inspiration picture is great and I think you can use your mirror to achieve the same results! Good luck!

  7. I wouldn't get within 10 feet of the beautiful mirror with a paintbrush! Bravo, for you. I even think you could just scrub it up with Murhpy's Oil Soap and leave the bubbly finish as is. It has earned that patina. If there are scratches and nicks, try rubbing them with a walnut. No kidding. The oil darkens the scratched area somewhat and softens the rough dryness.

  8. I love your idea, and BRAVO indeed for having the good sense not to paint your mirror frame. i use a a mixture for my wood pieces that are not painted it's a mixture that as soon as I find the exact measurement I will send you. I have quite a few old pieces that need a little drink. and then I think I might apply a coat of Antique oil. This mixture consists of linseed oil, vinegar, varsol, and rubbing alchol, it's stinky, but effective.

  9. I have loved the picture you showed forever! I have a similar set up in my mudroom and would love to find a mirror like that!

  10. Thank you for stopping by today. I have joined you as well.
    Ditto may and Irene. Looks like a good scrub with a dry brush and rub down with some oil would spruce her right up. Beautifully styled pin-spiration :-)

  11. That is a lovely mirror. And yes, it would be perfect for the one in the picture, which BTW is a very nice mudroom. I am sorry but I cannot help with staining and refinishing tips...Christine

  12. Beautiful mirror. It looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing Joann Come and follow me ,i lost my blog had to start over

  13. The wood is beautiful! Definitely don't paint it! I wonder if Miss Mustard Seed's vinegar and oil method might bring it back to life while leaving all of the "old" perfectly intact? You can search for it on her sidebar.