Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You Get What You Need

This is a picture of our daughters on youngest daughter's first birthday. Youngest daughter was born 30-some years ago today, on the 1st day of Spring. In the picture, you can see middle daughter was crying because it wasn't her birthday... middle daughter loved getting presents, especially girly stuff.

Youngest daughter grew so fast, she and middle daughter soon were the same size-- despite a 19 month difference in their ages. Most people thought the two were twins and, by the time the picture below was taken, youngest daughter (in middle of picture) was actually a little bit taller than her older sister. The youngest wasn't very happy the day of the picture because she didn't like to get dressed up, something middle daughter loved to do! You can see it on their faces with the youngest staring straight ahead and middle daughter stealing a happy glance at her own dress and boots.

I often referred to the two youngest daughters as 'the best of friends and worst of enemies'. They shared clothes, friends, and a love for their older sister. They even shared an apartment the year middle daughter graduated from college and younger daughter started her last year of school. And of course, since middle daughter usually cried on her sister's birthday, she often "shared" her sister's birthday by getting a present too!

Fast forward to 4 years ago. Youngest daughter was starting a new job with a new apartment and new adventures, just before her 28Th birthday. I like to look at this picture because it tickles me how footloose and fancy free she was. Little did she know what would come her way the following year...

Yep... just a month after her next birthday, this little bundle arrived.

... And, my favorite part -- little Lily is just like her aunt (the middle daughter) and loves dresses and purses and anything with bling. And, no doubt about it, she could squeeze out a tear or two if she knew it would get her a birthday present today too!


  1. My youngest always cried at her sister's birthday, too, because she didn't get one that year! It was just easier to get her a little gift and save the fuss. Maureen

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  3. I love the story of the three sisters. Lily is so precious and that photo with the blankie is too cute!

  4. I love this post. I am the mother of three daughters, too. My two youngest girls are 21 months apart. I say the same thing about them—worst of enemies, best of friends. In my house we have a saying, "Sisters first and forever." I'm your newest follower. Hope you'll stop by my blog soon!