Tuesday, June 12, 2012

$10 Saturday

Like most of you, I really need to get rid of stuff. Until I do, I've limited myself to $10 for garage sales each week. Here's what I hunted and gathered last Saturday:

A picture I bought for the frame -- $2.00  Of course I'll paint it white and age it down. Probably black chalkboard paint will work it's way into it somehow...

 picture of a fish (the frame needs refinishing) that cost only $1.00...

A knock-off silver tray for 50 cents that I plan to paint the middle with black chalkboard paint. Am I the only one who sees chalkboards whenever I look at an object???

Two very heavy glass candle holders for 25 cents apiece. I'll heat up the ugly red candle pieces left in the glass and scrape it out ASAP...

These two small trays for carrying our lunches and drinks outside in nice weather were $1.00 each...

An ugly fake gold clam shell tray, which I'll paint white and age it down to use for displays like ornaments at Christmas time or small pumpkins at Halloween. I think the ornate scroll handle will look good all white and aged. If not, I'm only out 50 cents...

This paring knife was 25 cents. You might think buying a new one would be cheap for such a small item, but you would be surprised! I was looking to buy a new one a while back and they were not cheap for the good ones and the inexpensive ones were too cheaply made. This one cleaned up real nice and works great...

Here's 3 Chinese teacups for $1.00. I worked my way through college in a Chinese restaurant and learned to cook stir fry and fried rice -- and ALWAYS wish I had a little cup of tea to go with my home cooked Chinese meal -- it just feels right...

So all that and I still didn't spend the $10.00 I had allotted for last week.  In case you're wondering about the ugly scratched up wood the items are sitting on, well that's an old desk I bought a few months back for $7.00 and plan to paint when I get 'round to it.

How about you? Done any garage sales lately? Do you set a limit or just buy what catches your eye? Leave me a comment please. I'd love to hear all about it!


  1. I'm glad you're posting again.

  2. Boy would it be ah hoot you an me going to rummage sales. I could see it now going down the gravel roads with those garbage cans rolling...wait Wild Bill removed them didn't he? I would break you from the dollar limit for sure lol. I buy what I need the last few years. Clothes are my biggest problem finding, sigh. I like your finds. Now I'd like to see that desk! Oh and I am filling out the forms.

  3. What great finds, and I love that you see beyond what others may see as 'junk' and see something really cool that they can be turned into! I also love that you set a limit, it's like making it a challenge to see what fun things you can get with a set amount!

  4. Those teacups really take me back, but my favorite of your finds is the trays. Now, when do we get to see your new floors in all their glory?

  5. Isn't it amazing what you can get for less than $10.00? I think it's the thrill of the chase for me! ~ Maureen

  6. Why does that dragon tea cup look so familiar? Did we have that or maybe the restaurant?

  7. Oh, your treasures are lovely! And, I love your ideas, especially the chalkboard tray. Thanks for visiting my blog. It is so nice to meet you! ~Kristie

  8. what a great idea for that "silver" tray! donna

  9. Great finds. I love the silver you found. Beautiful.