Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day Ya'll

 On this Father's Day, I thought I'd feature Wild Bill's cooking. He doesn't get to do it very often because, frankly, he makes odd choices in the dishes he decides to cook -- AND, they turn out terrible!

For one Thanksgiving he made a cranberry-orange relish that two of our daughters and one son-in-law literally spit out! I have never been able to convince Wild Bill that he should not use ALL the bitter white part of the orange peel when he grinds up the peel for the relish.

Jaimee, our youngest daughter, was about 15 when Wild Bill came into our lives. Whenever she'd hear him talk about making his favorite dish, Easy Cheesy Apple Pie from one of the little Pillsbury Bake-Off booklets, Jaimee would find his stash of Pillsbury books and hide that pie booklet. Wild Bill would be looking for his recipe and asking if we'd seen it, and I could hardly keep a straight face knowing why it had disappeared.

So, the other night I asked Wild Bill if he'd do the job of mixing up a chocolate pudding mix. You know...add mix and package... and stir over medium fire.

He took on the job with total dedication. I'm assuming it was because the man loves chocolate pudding whether it's homemade or just a mix. Even my taking pictures across the counter did not deter him from his task.

So today, when the girls call from the various states to wish him happy Father's Day, I'll try to keep a straight face when the youngest calls and he asks her, "Ya'll know where my Easy Cheesy Apple Pie recipe is?"


  1. such a cute story! happy weekend!

  2. I can finally post on your blog!! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving nice comments...I think I worked out my posting problems and will be able to post more.

    I'm lucky that my husband is a great cook and does most of the cooking. I guess Wild Bill couldn't ruin a box pudding mix!! Hope you had a great Fathers Day Weekend. Mary