Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Chickens

My "Fixin To Do" list is getting longer, so I've been looking for short cuts. I found I didn't have to pack up the chickens and pig if I just fit them in with the holiday decorations. 

Surely there were chickens and pigs near the manger, right?

The biggest chicken was already up top the left cabinets, so I added a tree, some glittery leaves, a moose that lights up, and poinsettias. Yes, it's a crazy mix, but that was what was in the boxes I got down from the attic over the garage so pretend they go together, please?

Below the left cabinets, another chicken with some trees and the kitchen pig.

It's no secret...I have the worst handwriting. Pretend I just made it to look like the pig did it.

Of course Santa hangs out there too!

He's over the pig's left shoulder, hanging on the wall... See him behind the tree?

Here's a long shot of the kitchen. The shape of the room makes it hard to get a good picture.

On the right side, the snowman and Santa are partying. I left the washboard up there to add a comedic twist, but Wild Bill thought I just forgot to take it down.

Another Santa and his reindeer are up on the far right.

I've got more unpacking to do to find some garland to tie it all together. I used what I unpacked so far to wrap up the chandelier in the dining room...

I'm joining the following parties. Hope you will come party with me there!



  1. Great cabinet top decorations! I love your cabinets!

  2. I love the farm animals staying up there! It's like Christmas in the barnyard.

  3. hahaha, I love the way you think! Of course, I think incorporating the Xmas into existing decor is brilliant, and soooo much easier! Looks super cute! Thanks for visiting the Painted Apron,

  4. Very innovative and funny style of decorating the cabinet. Appreciative and lovely work done by you. We are a leading translation company providing arabic translations and also a best seo company .

  5. I always try to decorate around my usual stuff, I hate having to put it away only to haul it back out. So I say the chickens and pigs rule the roost.


  6. I am a lover of chickens in the kitchen as well! I have a nice one in my kitchen window--he's lived there for 11 years, and is a permanent fixture. It was so very nice to hear from you over at my blog--What encouraging words you had to say about my holiday door basket--thank you so much for your kind words, and happy holidays to you!