Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Wonder If They've Told Her?

Dee was a rescue dog who was wandering the roads when she was found. My middle daughter and son-in-law adopted her when she chose them, literally, while they were looking at the pound.

We've been fast friends since first we met...

In February 2010, I spent a month with Dee waiting for the first baby to arrive. Dee and I were quite a team.

We had quite a time making sure her mom exercised.

And, tho Dee didn't get to go to the hospital with her Mom and Dad...

She was quite eager to see them and stood by me while waiting for them to come home!

She didn't know that while we were at the hospital, we were partying with this little guy...

But as soon as Dad set the baby carrier down, Dee was overjoyed. No one got to hold or care for the baby without Dee over-looking the job.

Three years have gone by so fast! I wonder if anyone has told her we're going to do it all over again early next year?

I'm sure she'll do another stand up job.  She's had lots of practice.

And this time, we'll all be wearing pink!


  1. That is so precious!!! Our dogs are such a part of the family for us and Dee's story is heartwarming. We are all eagerly waiting for my daughter's sonogram on December 20th so we will know whether to buy blue or pink!!! (I'm secretly hoping for pink, but don't tell....)

  2. What a heartwarming post. We have a rescue dog as well who melts our hearts.

  3. Well hot dog on the impending pink bundle!