Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Year's Train Ride

Now that I finally figured out how to upload pictures to the blog again, I'm going to catch up on the last month...

I don't know how you spent your New Year's Eve Day, but at our celebration we got a train ride.

Little Ben was the conductor; his parents and I were the passengers. He strictly enforced the rules and wouldn't let anyone off the train while it was moving.

Ben lined up all the throw pillows in the house and gave us each tickets for the ride. We had taken a real train ride just a few days before, so the conductor's job was fresh in his mind.

Ben wore this top hat in revelry that night, but he turned it backwards for his conductor job.

As you can see, Mama -- riding the caboose and 7 months pregnant -- was the first person to nap on the train. Daddy takes the real train to downtown Chicago most days, so he knew how to use his time constructively...

We were able to end the ride when the conductor decided to take a nap, right on the job, by pulling his hat right over his eyes!

Good times, good times.


  1. Haha. I'd forgotten all about that. I'm glad you got the photos to refresh my memory. Ben sure loves his trains!

  2. What? No credit for the photographer?

  3. Adorable! Isn't it a pain about uploading pictures?