Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wedding Bells

Our youngest (30-something) daughter Jaimee got married in Las Vegas earlier this month.

The chapel at Viva Las Vegas Weddings was surprisingly tasteful. I say "surprisingly" because Elvis was getting into a pink Cadillac outside when we arrived!

Jaimee's 4-year old daughter Lily is a bit flamboyant (an understatement)  and VERY particular about what she wears.

When Lily was told she would be the junior bridesmaid, she told her mother right away that she would need "click" shoes. Then she spent the months leading up to the wedding putting together her attire and telling everyone "we're getting married!"

Lily's favorite color is purple, and her favorite style is "princess". Here's the dress she picked out...

 She was lovely in it! I can't wait to show you when I get copies of the pictures.

And it turns out she's thrifty too. Now that the wedding is over, she told her mother she will wear it for Halloween too! My kind of girl.


  1. Oh! Can't wait to see the pictures of Lily in the dress and I love that she's already planning to wear it for Halloween. I've never worn any of my bridesmaids dresses more than once...I never thought about Halloween ;)

  2. what a grand fun unforgettable time!

  3. What a wonderful experience for everyone, but especially your grand! She sounds like a darling!
    Happy Hugs,

  4. Congratulations on the wedding! That dress is probably every little girls dream. So cute.