Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vintage Plate Rack Up-Grade

Let's talk plate racks. Yeah, I love them!

I've found it's cheaper to buy vintage ones
and fix them up. This one was just $12.
I bought it at a junk shop in town.

It was gold when I bought it.

I didn't care how bad the finish looked
because I planned to paint it with some
leftover ASCP in Paris Gray.

Ummm, I didn't care for it in gray...

It seemed too pale, especially
for the Fall season coming up.
Then I thought about the Amy Howard
One-Step Paint, which I had
purchased recently.

I purchased it in black to paint a piece of
furniture. I really loved the finish on the
sample I saw in the shop selling the paint.

So I painted the plate rack,
and a few other things, to test it out.

The finish seems smoother and more
chalky than the other chalk paints.
While I was at it, I painted the little
chalkboard that the pig holds. 

I went back to the store recently and
bought some more of Amy Howard's
paint in both a creamy white and a gray.
The shop owner told me Amy Howard's
paint has been around for decades.
The paint formulas were based on the
paint found on old European furniture.
The opinions expressed here are my own.
I received no compensation...not even
free paint! I just really love this paint.

Joining the following...


  1. It turned out great! I haven't tried the Amy Howard paint yet, but it sounds like you really like it. Another one to add to my list to try. : )

  2. I have never heard of Amy Howard so I will have to look for it.

  3. Great job! It looks so much better in black than gold!


  4. The black is so much more dramatic! Really looks nice. Great job!


  5. It looks great!! I have the same pig only yours looks better.

  6. Love your new rack; love, love your kitchen!

  7. That came out really nice. It's cute how you went through so many colors to make it right!!!

  8. Interesting...I've never heard of that paint line. I like the plate rack in black so much better than in the grey!

  9. Thanks for sharing this.. I'm surprised I've never heard about this brand of paint. And I love your plate rack too, it really changed the entire look with your paint job! Great job.

  10. I just recently saw this brand of paint for sale at an upholstery fabric store. May have to give it a try! Great find, love your plate rack!

  11. As an ignorant Frenchwoman, I'd never seen that kind of plate rack before. It certainly looks lovely !