Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pottery Barn Desk Chair Knock Off

I love the white Pottery Barn desk chair,
but $360 for one with arms...
Too much for me!
Here's one I painted white:

A while back, I saw an old wood chair
on Craig's List for $35.
Of course I forgot to take a "before" picture
until after I started painting.



The wood was rough and dried out.
I kind of thought I wasted $35.
(Wild Bill knew "fer sure" I did)
I made some homemade chalk paint using
Behr's Paint & Primer in
Swiss Coffee.

Here's another picture of the final result.
It's a little shorter than Pottery Barn's
 version, but it was only $35 compared to $360.

I'm happy with it.
Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. I'll take you $35 dollar chair over the over priced PB one any day!

  2. Pottery barn has to die for products but WAY over-priced. Love what you did with your chair!

  3. The chair looks great. Don't you just love that you can have almost the same thing for so much less. As for my gardens, yes they certainly have come a long way. Alaina

  4. I have a black one as well! I love the white! I'm totally painting mine! Thanks for the idea! Happy Friday :)

  5. Bravo! FER SHUR it is wood, and you can do wonders with the real thing.

  6. Oh my heavens... what a perfect knock-off! I'm doing the happy dance for you as anything at a bargain price that looks like a million makes my heart race! And I know what you mean about those gosh darn "before" photos. When a project is calling your name it's so hard to take time out to record it! Job well done!! Love it!!!

  7. Now you are making me really sorry I ever got rid of an old wooden chair when we moved to our little cottage. My husband could use it in his studio. I had forgotten all about it.

    Your 'knock off' looks perfect. PB charges and arm and a leg for everything.

  8. It turned out great! I saw a couple of these this Summer at yard sales. Love the paint color you used. I'm going to check out a sample of that because I'm looking for a white {but not a white white} for the armoire in my guest room.

  9. Totally adorable for only ten percent of the cost of the "real thing"? Score!

  10. I love how your chair turned out. I dont think it was a waste of 35.00 at all!
    happy day!

  11. I love this chair... I love old office chairs period.... check out the one I found on the CURB.... lol