Monday, May 19, 2014

Quackers The Not So Wild Duck

Our last house was a half mile from a lake.

Our house was one of the first to be built, so
the roads within the subdivision were free of
traffic, and we often road our bikes around 
the empty streets.

One day a wild duck zoomed around over
our heads and quacked at us.


It would fly up and zoom back down and
then fly just over our heads scolding us.

We soon realized it wanted us to fly with it!

It followed us home that day and stayed
around the neighborhood for months.

We called it Quackers.

I believe it was a female and she loved to
be held.

Over the next couple of months, Quackers
would fly down whenever we were outside
 on our front patio.

Up and down the walkway Quackers would
march, quacking impatiently to tell us to 
turn on the hose!

Quackers would also stare at the hose until we turned
it on, then run as close to the spray as it could.

Crazy duck!

When we got tired of holding the hose and
turned the water off, Quackers would run and
splash in the water like a child.

When Quackers got tired of the water, hunting
bugs was next on the list...

We had a great time with that wild duck.

We believe someone raised Quackers and 
that they had some sort of personal flying
machine that they flew with Quackers.

After a few months, Quackers stopped
coming around. 

We heard someone in the neighborhood
turned Quackers in to a wildlife sanctuary. 

We really hope that's what happened.

We miss her every time we turn on the hose.

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  1. What a charming story! I had a pet, wild duck when I was a kid and it was so sweet. I hope Quackers did wind up in a sanctuary.

  2. Interesting story about the pet duck. You as well as the duck had a good time. It is true we feel worried when we miss the lovable pets!

  3. What a wonderful duck friend and experience! Nature is wonderful. I am glad you shared this.

  4. I just found your blog on The Charmed Home in comments, nice to meet you. We had a mother that brought her baby ducks to eat in our backyard last year, I spotted her and her mate, but have not yet seen any ducklings. Cant believe you are holding one, how fun.

    I would like to invite you to stop by my Wordless Wednesday to share your lovely blog
    Oh My Heartsie Girl
    Have a wonderful week.

  5. What a fun thing to do with a guest. A unusual event in a neighborhood. I hope Quakers is safe too.

  6. I just love animals and they have such a close connection to us and that duck proved it

  7. What an amazing story. I'm sure you have seen the story on TV about the duck and the man who visits the park every day. The duck adopted this man and waited and followed every time he came to the park and would spend all his time with that same man day after day. Ducks must be much more intelligent than we give them credit for. I do hope Quackers did end up at the bird estuary.

  8. Well how come on YOUR post I find it so adorable lol ???
    I still don't like them in my pool - pooping :(
    Hosing them down seems like a better solution :)
    Thanks for letting me know about your post Sharon - what a cute story!

  9. So sweet! Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!!!