Thursday, May 1, 2014

Repairs And Whimsey

Last Fall we took a trip to Georgia.
I always like to bring something back for
the version of a souvenir.

I found this old metal deer head hook
thingy in an antiques/vintage store.

As you can see, when we got home I screwed
him into an old frame I had already painted
white and called him a towel rack.

This is a temporary fix until Wild Bill gets
'round tuit' on a permanent one.

Since I proclaimed 2014 as the year to complete
things, we finally had the tile guys come and
re-grout our tub and shower.

When the builder built our spec house, his men
used the wrong grout around the tub and in part
of the shower.

Not to get too deep in discussion, but apparently grout
with "give" should be used in this area and they used
grout "without give" so the grout where the wall tile
meets the tub surround cracked...
Follow me? 

Nice clean non-cracking grout now...

Also, at the bottom of the next picture there
is a piece of tile trim separating the carpet
from the tile.

That trim piece runs under where the pocket
door slides.  That piece was never grouted
when the carpet men laid the carpet, so the
tile guys got that done too.

Here's the shower stall.
Little pieces of grout were coming
off the corner. Re-done and refreshed.

Next picture is the crazy slab on the counter
top. It is a little orangey-er than it appears here,
but no less "busy". 

These hand towels from Target have similar
colors in them, so that's what is in there for
now, along with plain white ones.

There is a lesson here I want to share
with you... always, always, always
have a home inspection done!

We thought since it was a brand new build
that it was well inspected...WRONG.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope
you learned something.


  1. OH- yes- Always have a home inspection done and get ALL warranties in writing. The sad thing is that if the home inspector misses something he is NOT liable. Don't ask me know we know

    Everything is looking good and ship-shape here, Sugar. I have a getroundtuit guy here, too. I don' t even wait for him anymore- if I can do it I do and if I can't I make him call someone that can. MyHero is NOT handy AT ALL!

    Hope you had a wonderful May Day- xo Diana

  2. I like the towel hanger. Very clever. Wrong grout? Oh that is inexcusable you think? Your bath looks really nice.

  3. Good advice. xoxo I discovered that some things they tried to pass off as "cosmetic", so if you want it right, one has to be assertive. Now, I have an old fixer-upper.

  4. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Not that we'll be moving any time, soon. . .but always good "to know" advice on the inspection!!!
    I love, LOVE, L O V E your "find" stag hook turned towel holder, dear friend!!!
    Your bathroom looks re~freshed for Spring!
    Have a wonderful week ahead!!!