Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Did You Know: Starbucks

Yesterday we went to our local Starbucks.

I was craving what I call a Crap-a-chino,
(a double chocolate chip concoction) and
Wild Bill loves a good mocha.

The line was long, but I was willing to wait.
After about 15 minutes, we were handed our drinks.

I had my money out waiting to pay, but the
drive-thru window person said:

"This is on us because you waited too long"

Never has this happened to us no matter how
long the wait... I didn't know they did this.

So thank you Starbucks!

We're giving them a shout out for good
customer service.


  1. I got my order free once in a Starbucks drive thru because they said I waited too long. I had no idea, but apparently they have a policy of ~10 minutes.

  2. I'm impressed, may inspire me to learn to drive, nah! glad you had a lovely coffee.

  3. How nice huh? Guess I'll have to keep going to the end of line LOL!

  4. Yep!!! That has happened to me several times in the drive-through. I have also had free drinks if they made it wrong- they give me a voucher for a free one next time. It is one reason I am a loyal customer. Triple venti-sugar free vanilla-no foam latte, please. lol xo Diana

  5. Well that's great! I love Starbucks!

  6. I have always had excellent service at Starbucks, and we all know I go there often. I heart Starbucks. Glad to hear they are keeping up the good work.