Sunday, November 2, 2014

Places To Thrive When You're Elderly

Wild Bill's parents live in an assisted living
retirement community in our local area.

A lot of movies paint a deary picture of assisted
living for the elderly. I thought I'd share some
pictures and information to show the real concept.

 The retirement community is made up of 
apartments all inside a large building.

Each apartment has a full kitchen, washer and
dryer, walk-in closets, and its own patio or
balcony outside. 

The residents pay an "all inclusive" monthly fee,
which includes three, 3-course meals per day,
 served in this lovely dining room.

Residents can choose to sit with a larger group
or intimate tables for two or four people.

Here's our Pop with his favorite person, the
Activities Director. He describes her as sparkly!

 Each month, a special birthday celebration
is held for all the people who have a birthday
that month. Pop enjoyed celebrating his
91st birthday in October.

Meals are started with a first course served from
carts that carry several selections of fresh
vegetable and fruit salads, and many choices
of beverages.

Here's the entrance hallway.
At Christmas it's lovely with twelve very tall
Christmas trees decorated in different
colors and themes. 
On Halloween, chairs are set up to line the
walkway and residents hand out trick or treat
candy to local trick or treaters. An ad placed
in the town newspaper invites all children
in the local community to an afternoon party.

Local talent is often hired to play this piano
and other musical instruments, but anyone
willing to sit down and play is sure to get an
appreciative audience.

 The mail room doubles as a community
bulletin board to ensure everyone gets a
notification of current activities and trips.

The in-house beauty shop is popular.

The exercise room gets a morning
work out and is quiet in the afternoon.

Pop jumped on to demonstrate and
give me an "action shot" for my post.

Apartments are cleaned by the staff once
a week and everything (such as paper towels,
toilet paper, light bulbs, laundered bed linens, bus
trips to shopping and appointments, security,
emergency call buttons, coffee and snacks)
is provided.
 The glass elevator is one of many elevators
and stairways to the second floor.
The hallways are nice and wide to 
accommodate scooters and such. 

Here's my mother-in-law riding her "vehicle."

 Residents tend to personalize outside
their door for the seasons. Last Valentine's
Day our little grand-girl Lily, was featured in
her great-grandma's display.

Here's one of the outdoor court yards
just off the back patio. Residents with dogs
love to walk them under the tree-lined walks.

 This is the only picture I have of their apartment
inside.  That's Pop's recliner which often gets
as much of a workout as the exercise room does.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I have been looking into one of these retirement community's. They are really great - gourmet food - dogs are allowed. I can't decide if I want to move up close to my son in Northern CA or stay close by where I live now, as I have lots of friends here, my doctors, and know the area well.
    I would recommend this to anyone looking for a convenient living arrangement. Also the one I am looking at has them all over the USA and you get one week's vacation staying at their facilities.

    1. Mary, this is a chain called Holiday. They have communities throughout the U.S. and residents can stay at other communities for free as they travel. Two apartments are kept open for visitors and guests. You can probably stay in both communities you're considering for free as a guest. With the experience of my in-laws I would recommend choosing near where you already live and have friends.

  2. What a wonderful facility Bill's folk live in. I like that there is as much assistance as they need but yet they have their privacy, too. It is amazing how nice some of the places are...and there are others that are not so nice---and those are the ones that make the news.

    Bless your in-laws. I hope their health holds and they enjoy many years there. xo Diana

  3. Your inlaws look great. Beautiful fancy place. Thanks for the tour.

  4. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Idea place of home occupancy in our later Senior years.
    I believe that the Seniors who make this decision thrive with socialization that home bound Seniors miss.
    Thanks for the gentle reminder that life is still enjoyable, even as we age!!!

  5. What a wonderful place for you in-laws to spend the senior years!

  6. It's great that these kind of residences are becoming more wide-spread. That would be so nice to still have privacy, but to have all those amenities when you want them. Thanks for the tour.

  7. How could anyone not want to live there. Such a beautiful place! My Mother had a small apartment in an assisted living facility about five minutes from my home. Not quite as nice as this but still a great place to live.