Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall, Halloween And PicMonkey

I've been playing with PicMonkey, and I 'll warn you now it's addictive. 

I found some pictures of my old scarecrow and used PicMonkey to make the pictures look aged.
 I added just some slight color to the pictures to make them look old and faded.

After playing around with coloring and aging, I pulled up a picture of myself and used some of the tools in the Halloween effects section to make myself a vampire. I couldn't get it to fade as much as I would've liked, but it was fun just fooling around.
Here's a few of the original pictures so you can see what I started with. I purchased this fabric scarecrow about 7 years ago at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in their "country store" section.

The lighted pumpkin was $1.99 at a Walmart in 2004 or so. It still works well after 10 years, and I think it's just as cute as it can be. 
Since the smiles on the pumpkin and scarecrow are such happy ones, I like to put them by the front door to put the little Trick or Treaters at ease. 

If you haven't tried PicMonkey just click on the link below. It's free to use for their basic features. I did join for a small yearly fee recently but, to tell the truth, the features I use the most are all available for free anyway. 

If you have some time (make that lots of time) on your hands, try it. Here's the link, but remember I warned you it is addictive.

Thanks for dropping by!

Note: Just sharing my opinion. No one at PicMonkey knows I exist and they sure didn't pay me for my opinion.

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  1. Where did you hide my silver bullets? I am keeping the lights on when we go to bed tonight!

  2. I love PicMonkey! I can lose myself in editing for hours at a time...so much fun! You did a great job! Love the CB scarecrow, he's a cutie! ~Rhonda

  3. I love PicMonkey and use it for all my editing! Love your spooky photo and the jack-o-lantern is adorable!

  4. Well, you are looking quite coolish ghoulish there, my friend. lol How funny is that?
    I just signed up about a week ago for the extra features, too. The best part is that it is so much faster and I don't have to see all those stupid ads off to the side.
    You had fun and did a great job. I don't dare go there too often or I will be addicted for sure. lol xo Diana

  5. You are too funny. I mainly use Picmonkey to crop, correct exposure, and add the name of my blog to my photos. You have opened up a whole new world to me :)

  6. That is amazing!! That picture of you as a vampire is shocking! and scary! Your pumpkin scarecrow is so cute. I love your decorating!

  7. Never heard of PicMonkey, have to go look it up.

  8. These programs are addictive when you start using them. Experiment with some textures...that will really get you hooked! :-) Love these photos!

  9. you did an amazing job turning those photos into aged pictures. much more spooky in the muted tones.

  10. Oh my! this is quite the challenge.

  11. I've used PicMonkey before and I like it well enough but I prefer using the editing on my Instagram account. But of course not all my photos are there.
    The other day I found Aviary, and I LOVE that.
    I might like PicMonkey better if I went beyond the basics.
    Hmmm. Might need to give it a look again!

  12. I love how that first picture turned out! Especially after seeing the original.

  13. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Love, LOVE, L O V E the Pic Monkey photos of your Pumpkin Man!!!
    You, dear friend, look spooktacular!!!

  14. So funny. And a little bit scary.

  15. I too enjoy Picmonkey and love your disclaimer!

  16. Good job and thanks for the tips. I love your pumpkin fella.

  17. I haven't joined Picmonkey but I should give it a try. Your effects are amazing. I too got a Jack-O-Lantern at Walmart about 10 years ago. It's still going strong and I don't have to carve anything.