Tuesday, August 30, 2016

On Decisions, Dilemmas And Cliches

How do you make decisions? Are you able to do it quickly or do you struggle?

I once read when you are faced with a decision of your life path, you should only ask "yes" or "no" questions. 
Meaning that if you turn to the option of making a "Pro's" and "Con's" list, you can really get yourself side-tracked.
I know this isn't a "life path" decision, but to sell -- or not to sell --these counter stools has been taking up a lot of my mental energy.
In fact, I was shocked to find that I've been struggling with this stool decision for 3 years! 

In July 2013, when Restoration Hardware shipped these stools to us and they were not what I expected, I did a post. In that post here, I had only unpacked one of the stools and was wanting to ship them back. Well...I should have. Instead I pro'd and con'd myself into keeping them.

Lesson learned here is follow your first instincts. The stools are not comfortable and the feet caps are too shiny. The seats are stained black, not stained wood like the picture in the catalog or on-line makes them look. 

Forgive me, but here's yet another cliche I've know for a long time, but have ignored:  You Have To Make The Right Decision Or Make The Decision Right.

Before I read Marie Kondo's book, The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up, I would've just hid them in the garage. But instead I'm finally making the decision right by facing up to the fact these stools will never work for us.

Three stools going on Craigslist today! And then I'm getting over being mad at myself for buying them in the first place. No pro's or con's about it.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Oh gosh! Been there. But I have been letting go of lots of stuff and feeling so good about it. Too bad about the stools cuz they are so great looking!

  2. Boy, can I relate! I'm finally getting rid of the "not quite right" stuff. It sure feels good!

  3. I am so so sorry you don't like them but when you don't like 'em, it's time to get rid of them.
    I have done it a few times with large ticket items, namely a love seat and 2 wing back chairs that a friend talked me into ordering. They were so not my style ...but SHE said they were. I hated them when they came in and I hated them for about 6 or 7 yrs. before selling them. They were too expensive and special orders so I was stuck. I will never do that again.
    I decided long ago not to order online anything that I couldn't have someone come pick them up, like locally.

  4. I can so relate and find I have a harder time making decisions...especially now picking out paint color for the remodel...I've kept things I shouldn't have but be happy you did make the decision to get rid of them.

  5. Good for you for getting the gumption, thanks to Mrs. Kondo, and ditching those bad boys (stools!) :) I loved her book, even though she is a tiny bit crazy. LOL

  6. Like Cathy above, it's a paint color struggle for me. (I've never heard that "nix the pro/con approach" and ask "yes" and "no" questions. It makes sense!

  7. I like doing the yes and no when trying to make certain decisions... Less procrastination and thinking ♥ All the best with selling the stools ♥


  8. We all struggle with something or another like that. For my husband and I, it has been this house!!

  9. I agree completely. As to stools, if they don't have a back for me to lean against I don't want them.

  10. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Well stated, dear friend!
    I have n o problem ridding myself of my own poor decisions on furniture and accessories! I adore hearing "squeals" of joy from those whom attend our Annual Garage $ale!
    Good for you. . .moving on!
    Wishing you a wonderful search for the "right" bar stools!

  11. I so understand this dilemma! But, you have reached your decision and are sticking to it. Best wishes on selling the stools and will be watching to see what you choose! Pam @ Everyday Living

  12. I was just looking at some stools today....
    Thank god I don't live near you or I'd be over there trying to squeeze them in my car.

    I'm the Queen of Indecision.
    Truly, I really hate that about myself.
    So what are the Yes and No questions?
    I mean, are they questions like "will you be sad if you get rid of this?"
    because my answer is usually - I'm not sure!
    AARRGGHHH! I drive myself nuts!

  13. Oh I hear you, I have been struggling with choosing flooring for my studio. I know I'll be messy, but I also want to be able to clean easily and keep warm in winter months....