Sunday, November 4, 2018

Favorite Photo Sunday...The Story Behind The Photo

Here's my favorite photo this week...

Would You Believe She's Almost 45?

Oldest Daughter as Dolly Parton!  

She even got her husband (at 6 foot 5 he had to stoop down to get in the picture) to grow a beard and dress as Dolly's favorite singing partner Kenny Rogers...

And then they did a lip sync to Dolly and Kenny's recording of Islands In The Stream and made a video to share with all their family and friends. 

This photo is an inspiration for me because Oldest Daughter doesn't really like to wear make up or put herself "out there" usually.  

She chose to do different this year. It's an example I plan to follow.

Do you see the joy on her face in these photos? I do. Joy is what I aspire to next year and why not start now? Joy comes when you loosen up a little and let yourself try new things. 

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. What pretty pictures. I love that phrase - "joy comes when you loosen up a little". Great words to live by.

  2. Love it! She's got that Halloween spirit and looks like she embraced it.

  3. I love it! And she sure doesn't look 45!

  4. She certainly looks good for her age, what an example to us all.

  5. Love the pics and the sweet story behind them. Have a wonderful week. Tell Dolly I'm a big fan!

  6. She definitely does not look 45! I love the photo!!

  7. She is adorable!! She does not look 45! She really has the sweetest face.

  8. She makes a great Dolly Parton, so can she sing like her too?

    1. Not a note. She said next year she'll pick a different star to emulate. She did get a free meal at Chipotle I think for dressing up.