Thursday, December 6, 2018

Golden Boys And Me...A Colorful Room

I was tired of looking at our neutral beige walls and furniture, so I went looking for some colorful inspiration. I found it on the blog, Golden Boys and Me...

Warm Colorful Room On Golden Boys And Me

After years of going mostly neutral, I find this year I'm loving red again!

Here's an old photo of a red plaid duvet from Pottery Barn and some old red floral shams my mother gave me a long time ago. 

I sent the floral shams to a blogging friend who is a terrific sewer, hoping she can remake them into something for her home, but I still have the red plaid duvet to use on one of the beds.

I found the storage box with these $5 red throws I got a bargain on a few years ago...

They're from Old Navy's store. One of them cheered up a leather chair one Christmas past...

The other one livened up the corner beige chair like it will do this year too...

I found this photo of our living room from last year when I put an old family quilt on our love seat... 

Even though there's very little red in the old quilt, I think I'll dig it out and cheer our place up a little like the room on Golden Boys and Me's blog.

The red in this old chair wreath is perky and cheerful -- just right for adding red to the dining room...

And last year or the year before, Oldest Grandgirl made this cute red Christmas Elf picture for me, which I'll frame and hang up this year.

hmmm...the little blond elf in the drawing sure looks familiar! 

I wonder if she was looking in the mirror when she was drawing it?

If you want some ideas for a cheerful room or two, head on over to this post on The Golden Boys and Me

I think her home will give you inspiration.  And...I don't want to spoil the surprise, but her kitchen has a sleigh hanging from the ceiling!

Thanks for dropping by!

They're saying it might snow here this Saturday...YAY!!!


  1. I love red at Christmas and against your calm decor it really feels special x

  2. Love the chair backs, what splendour. Beautiful elf...

  3. I love your ideas. Red, yellow, and green are my colors--not a neutral girl here!

  4. The first word that comes to mind when I see this is "delightful." It's happy and fun and so cheerful. I love the colors, love the light, love it all!

  5. I love your pops of red! And the elf in the picture and the grandgirl are both cute!

  6. Looks very pretty. I've always liked color!!

  7. Love all the touches of red! My bestie back home in Alabama keeps telling me I need to add some red, that it is a cheerful color and usually makes people happy just by seeing it. I'm so loving the fact that we might get snow! I'm excited with you! Love and hugs!

  8. I am a huge fan of red...have a little in every room and a lot around Christmas. Courtney has a beautiful home. I love her style. Fun!

  9. The touches of red really add a holiday cheer to your home. It looks very festive. I love it!

  10. I love red...especially at Christmas...

  11. Your touches of red are so beautiful. I DO love and appreciate those pillow cases...and if I had had good sense would have posted about them. Duh! If my home looked like yours I would never get tired of it want to change anything. You need to publish your own beautiful home magazine! Love, Henny

  12. Well you are definitely on a roll here with the Christmas Spirit! How lovely! Enjoy the holiday season with Love and Peace and Joy in abundance! FA LA LA...

  13. Love using red at Christmas ... and I follow that blog "Golden Boys and Me"... I loved her Christmas post as well... so many great ideas... and you sure did have a lot of red stored away !!! Love this post !!!!:)

  14. I agree with all the others least a few touches of red make the Christmas season brighter!