Sunday, December 23, 2018

Blessed With Another Life Lesson

The results of Wild Bill's PET scan, done on Dec 19th, were as best as we could hope for... 

Wild Bill no longer has to do Chemo treatments -- he's done for now!

He'll do another scan in 3 months to ensure there's no residual cancer cropping up, but for now he's healthy. 

We can close that chapter of our life and move forward to the next...once we figure out what it is!

Last Christmas - No Idea What Was Ahead Of Him!

We have our Christmas miracle! Remember...Just 7 months ago even the second opinion doctor at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center said there was no hope of recovery -- everyone agreed he would be gone in 8 months or 12 months at best!

They say we're here on "Earth School" to learn life lessons. It seems to me the lesson I've experienced over and over is:

 "life is short -- live each day as if it's your last!"

I'm probably a dimwit since so many times the Lord has had to send me experiences to relearn that lesson. I feel like Bill's recent illness was one more of those experiences. 

Mom and Pop - 70th Anniversary Party Mar 2017

In March a year ago, Bill's parents were both in their 90's and still going strong! The photo above is from their 70th anniversary party. It seemed like they would live forever and so would we! Even March 1st of this year they were doing really well.

Then his mom got ill in May, Bill was diagnosed with 4th stage terminal cancer on June 6th, and his mother died the next day. 

Subsequently, his dad was doing well, but fell on Nov 8th and died 4 days later. 

Pop A Few Days Before He Fell In Nov 2018

It seems crazy when I think how we had vowed back in June that if we only had 8 to 12 months, we would make it the best year ever... God sure had other plans!

I should have known better because way, way back in March1991 (in a 20-year marriage held together "for the kids") I was in a terrible wreck with two of my daughters in the car. 

I could see the wreck coming, in slow motion in my mind, knowing we were going to die. All that I could think, over and over, was, "Life's too short. If I could, I would live life so differently!" 

My car was totaled and the other car was extensively damaged. But both daughters and the people in the other car were safe but bruised, and except for a gash on my head, so was I. 

Within a few weeks, our house was for sale. Within a few months, I was legally separated. Within 2 years, I was finally divorced! I vowed to remain single the rest of my life.

In early 1992, I met Wild Bill -- who was a "friend only" for years until fate changed that...but that's a story for another time because we're talking about life lessons here!

Wedding May 1997

One Daughter's Wedding 2004

When Wild Bill and I moved to Texas in 2005, we had a 2-person team of realtors who helped us with our relocation. 

"D" was a divorcee, about 48, very pretty and well put together. 

"C" was her business partner...a family lady who was a little younger, a little frumpy, a little plump. "C" worked the office while "D" was the "seller" and star of the team.

Around 2008, "C" got a divorce. "C" started riding a bicycle with a bike club. At first 5 miles, then 10, 20, 50-mile bike trips! 

Subsequently, "C" lost weight. "C" got a tummy tuck, a boob lift, a little nip and tuck of her face, and a more professional hair style. When I stopped by their office, I hardly recognized her!

Soon "C" and "D" split up their 2-person team. "C" wanted to be a seller, she wasn't willing to be the office-side of the team any more.

Eventually, "C" had seemingly reached perfection. She had even bought a brand new luxury car because she was making far more money selling real estate on her own. 

One day "C" was sitting in her brand new car at a 4-way stop light headed north in a lightly traveled, rural area -- probably knowing she had the life she always dreamed of -- when a south traveling car, on the other side of the road, tried to beat a yellow light just as a car with the green light moved forward right into his path.

The two cars hit at an angle, and one car was forced by the impact right into "C's" lane and hit her brand new car head on.

"C" didn't even have a chance to think, "Life is too short!" She was killed instantly.

If you think this is a strange story for Christmas, you're probably right! But, I think of "C" every time I think life is going along well. And I think of "C" when life sucks too!

And even though Wild Bill and I are hardly young, I hope I never again get complacent and forget that life is just too short! 

A Little Shocked After Second Opinion Appointment

Please Remember

  • Whether you're 70 and told you're dying of cancer soon...and don't...
  • Or you're 44, perfect, and think you'll live forever...and don't...


Proud To Be World's Worst Selfie Taker

The merriest of Christmas to you and the happiest of New Year's. As the song says...If you get a chance, I hope you dance!

Thank you for staying with me through all this post if you did. I'm curious whether life keeps sending you a repeated message over and over? Do you pay attention or does it get ignored until it hits you over the head like a bat out of hell?

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Tears here. Thank you SO MUCH for posting today. A big hug to both of you. Such good news. You both have a very Happy Christmas and a Great New Year.

  2. Thanks Joy! You too. I've been gone a while trying to make sense of things, but finally figured out I just need to relax and enjoy the ride.I've taken my hands off the wheel and let God steer us in the right direction. Be blessed!

  3. Prayers answered!
    Merry Christmas!
    Love your blog

  4. Congratulations! Thanks for letting us into your life and sharing some of your back story.

  5. That is good news. A great Christmas present.
    Praise God. : )

  6. As a 30 year ED RN, you are right -you never know when it is your last day. In the past week, I have seen 3 people leave this earth totally unexpected. I am very happy for your family's good news and wish you a wonderful Christmas holiday!!

  7. Praise God for the miracle He performed on your husband. I am thankful that we are reminded that life is short as many of us forget it so easily.

  8. Wonderful post, Perfect f Christmas.

  9. That is wonderful news and a post with a great lesson. Merry Christmas!

  10. Rivercrest,
    Praise the Lord for answered prayer!
    I, totally understand this post, dear one.
    I, too, have been blessed from many a life lesson.
    My wish is that you & Wild Bill will have many more years together on this journey we call "life".
    Abundant blessings upon you as we enter into 2019.

  11. I'm so happy for you! The best news! And grateful for your sharing this life lesson, we all know it but often forget. Happy Holidays.

  12. I'm so happy to hear that good news. And thank you for also sharing that "life lesson" story. Wishing you both a wonderful 2019.

  13. Wow. A powerful post.

    You have indeed experienced THE Christmas miracle and I am so happy. And yes, you'll wait with baited breath these three months and the next and the next after that, but you will be living the fullest and best lives you can.

    I think many of us have had close calls ourselves and known others who disappeared from this world too quickly. It's a lesson I've learned and one that needs reiterating so thank you for doing that.

    I'm sure this Christmas was especially beautiful. As I catch up I send you belated Christmas wishes and all good wishes for the rest of the holiday and the new year.

  14. Oh my goodness, what a post and oh so true. We don't know what each day may bring. So wonderful about the news of your husband's cancer.

    I want to thank you for your kindness to me at this time of year especially with what you have been through. Reading your post makes your thoughtfulness to me even more special. Thank you.

    May you and your husband have a wonderful 2019.


  15. Oh, life does have its life-changing moments and your post reminds us that we need to take advantage of each and every day! It's so wonderful to hear that your husband is doing so well and sending both of you wishes for all good things life has to offer in 2019. x Karen

  16. How I loved reading your story and being reminded of this "life lesson" I pray I will hold it close to my heart and use it to make 2019 a different way of living! Thank you

  17. Oh yes, you know I've had that message loud and clear lately.

    I'm thrilled about Bill recovering. The doctors do their best, be we will believe the report of the LORD!

    Happy new year!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  18. So glad you guys have received some great news!! And you are so right, life is too damn short...enjoy each day to the fullest! You never know how many are left! Happy New Year! Love and hugs!

  19. so pleased to hear your good news. No messages here although we realise life is short and, having only married last year wonder how long we have together so are thankful for every day.

  20. Happy New Year! I'm thrilled for you. You are correct. Life is too short. Blessings on 2019.

  21. Wonderful news!!! So happy!! Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy New Year!!!

  22. Wonderful news about Wild Bill! What a miracle that is!

    Your selfie cracked me up. ;D

  23. Wow! What wonderful news...and what a way to begin 2019. On Christmas Day I celebrated my 70th birthday. My 92 year old father lives with us since Mother died. Everyday the 3 of us say the Serenity Prayer which includes the words "Living one day at a time; enjoying one moment at a time". It's a good way to live!

  24. Oh I am so glad I scrolled down and saw this post. Oh wow! I am so happy for you and Bill. So happy and thankful for Bill's great report. We really do need to appreciate each and every day. If I haven't said it before, Happy New Year! Oh, you do take good are cute as a button in that selfie. :) I've been so far behind with everything lately. We have finally had three dry days with some sun, so I've been raking leaves! Love, Henny

  25. I haven;'t been by for some time, and I'm so happy to hear Wild Bill is GOOD to go. What a time you've had. God is good.

  26. Just catching up. Thrilled to hear Wild Bill is on the mend, what a miracle! God is indeed God, miracles were abound when Gerard was saved earlier this year. Best wishes to you both for the New Year.