Saturday, November 3, 2012

Recipes Get A Rating

Note: Before I posted this, I called my middle daughter and asked if she would be offended by the rating scale I'm proposing. She laughed and said she had actually been wondering "...just how easy..." the last recipe really was. So she approved my new rating system -- and this post.

With that said, I've decided I need to give the recipes I try a rating. Since my cooking skills are lacking, I like easy recipes.

My rating system will note the ease of the recipe by using pictures:

This is Jaysa:

The only one I know with cooking skills worse than mine is my middle daughter Jaysa.

As I've written before, Jaysa actually burned "Cup of Noodles" in the microwave (yes, she was about 9, but still) because she skipped the only step of adding water to the cup before microwaving!

According to her husband she hasn't improved much since then, so he does all the cooking.

A "One Jaysa" will indicate Jaysa could successfully cook it.

A "Two Jaysa" will indicate she might be able to successfully cook it.

A "Three Jaysa" will indicate there's a high probably she could not cook it.

A "Four Jaysa" will indicate there's no possible way she could pull this recipe off!

The recipe for Easy Banana Bread in the previous post is a One Jaysa.

So... if you have a 9-year-old and three ripe bananas... let him or her have at that stove tonight!

Everyone excels in their own area of expertise. Besides being a great mother to Little Ben, Jaysa is highly technically skilled.

I'm sure she is shocked that I was able to use PicMonkey to do a collage.

I guarantee no computers were injured making this post!


  1. this post. Just so happens I made banana bread this morning with a new recipe. It turned out a #3 Jaysa. It was for 3 med sized pans but I got two and barely three inches high bread. I guess I best read the previous post ;-) Your daughter and her smiling little one is so cute.

  2. A little secret:
    I also burned a cup of noodles in the microwave when I was 12, because i didn't put in the water. :)
    I am a horrendous cook, but a pretty good engineer. I approve of this new jaysa rating system! This will be very helpful for me!

  3. I like your jaysa rating system!!

    By the way I made your banana bread yesterday and it was really easy and really good!

    Since we're telling on ourselves I'll admit that when I was 'newly married' I had this bright idea to steam some broccoli. So I filled a saucepan with an inch of water, put a colander over it, broccoli in colander, and lid over the broccoli. Ten minutes later I smell something and come into the kitchen to find my plastic colander all melted--Oops!!

  4. Oh goodness ha ha, I love the new rating scale... especially because it means I get to see that adorable little baby!
    I am so embarrassed to admit this, but I once burned a cup of noodles too... and I was a lot older than nine. I'm actually a pretty good cook but for some reason I just had a day. I had just moved into my first apartment and was working three jobs to make ends meet. I was on the phone with my insurance company and running late between job one and job two, so I think I was just frazzled. I noticed my microwave smoking and opened up the door to see a charred mess of Styrofoam and what once was noodles. I never made Cup of Noodles again. I also never had another cooking fiasco. Knock on wood.

  5. Just found your blog and love it. I am guilty of burning noodles a few times myself! Lucky for me and my kids I am married to a former chef.