Friday, November 23, 2012

Finally Wood Floors!

Well, the oak floors are finished, but we still have a few things to complete. Let me show you around:

I'm in love with the floors. I can't get myself to bring the old furniture in from the garage. Cover that lovely oak floor with rugs and furniture? Nope.

So far, we only returned two chairs to the great room temporarily. Here's my lazy boy in his Lazy Boy. 

I'm sure you can tell we ate Thanksgiving dinner with other family members. Hosting was out this year!

Remember how Wild Bill wanted to leave the floors bare, without stain?

That "before" and "after" should convince you that stain, like paint, is better.

One unexpected problem was the wood flooring added so much height to the floor that we had to special order shorter sweeps for the doors. In the meantime, we've classed it up with white towels to keep the cold, and bugs, out.

Here's a "new to me" vintage cabinet. I'm finally able to start decorating for the holidays.

YAY!!! It's been really bare around here lately.

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  1. Your floors are just so beautiful and I would be hesitant to put everything back on them too!! A lot of work went into them, and that hard work deserves to be admired! :-)

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. Those are really lovely floors. The cabinet set off against them so well! So, let's see those rooms all done up for Christmas! ~ Maureen

  3. Your floors are gorgeous. Makes me want to get mine refinished!

  4. Totally beautiful, and I must say I do like the distressed finished look better than the original- you were right!

  5. Hello! We found you at You Are Talking Too Much blog party. Your floors are so beautiful. So funny that you don't want to move the furniture in! lol. I am also loving the finish on you kitchen cabinets, and your china cabinet, and... I'm going to look around your blog and see what else you've been up to. The French Hens are joining you. Hope you will visit us and consider joining us.

    Linda and Jeannie, the French Hen's Nest

  6. Your new floors look wonderful. I have always loved wood floors and think they add such warmth and beauty to any home.

  7. OMG!!! I LOVE your wood floors!
    Yeeowsers it is beautiful. I like the lazyboy IN the lazyboy lol! I can see sliding out on that floor with a mic singing old fashioned rock'n roll.

  8. Your floors are gorgeous! And that china cabinet is to die for. I love your wall color too, and is that your kitchen??! It's amazing!