Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sometimes You Get The Bear, Sometimes The Bear Gets You

I voted. Not well. But I voted at the crack of dawn. Or 7:03 a.m. However you choose to describe it.

I was all prepared as usual. I had my voter card and driver's license in my hand and proudly let them scan my driver's license to automate the process. It went quick...

Not Wild Bill though. He showed his driver's license, but insisted they not scan it. Something about not wanting them to put him on mailing lists...huh? 

For the 1 minute they gained with me, they lost 5 with him.

I'm wondering... if they key it in the old fashion way, how does that protect you from conspiracies?

But, oh well, I'm prepared. It's a good day.

So I walk on to some friendly women who wanted to lead me to a booth. But, ah...um... I sat down for Wild Bill to go first. One look at me and he knows instantly what's up and plunges right past me as I sit down and tell the nice ladies I'll wait for my husband to finish before I go.

I feel like the bear got me today.

One perplexed voting official lady asks "...do you need assistance with voting? Do you need your husband to help you vote?"

I hate to answer because, I'm all prepared ya know. Finally I confess:

"No, I need my husband's reading glasses. My three pair and ten spare are all left at home."

And she lends me her reading glasses. I don't have to wait for Wild Bill to finish first. It's a good day. Hope you got through the process as easy as we did.

November 6, 2012. It's a good day to vote!

Just don't forget your glasses.


  1. I got an early mail-in ballot for the first time ever this year (since we aren't currently residing in the county we "live" in) and I don't know if I'll ever go back! I definitely don't get a rush from waiting in line and it was a glorious feeling to just do it and be done a few minutes after checking the mail! =]

  2. I got through our line pretty quickly (20 minutes) and admired those that stuck it out and waited for hours--There has to be a better solution to that, hopefully they'll find one in the 4 years they have!

  3. Richard and Bill think alike on the i.d. scan. At Target they insist they have to scan your i.d. to sell you a video game (I guess because of the ratings?) and it drives Richard crazy. He's fine with them i.d.ing him but it bugs him that they have to scan it into their system. Me, I just want to get home and play the video game.

  4. Big Brother is watching! I'm with Richard!