Sunday, November 11, 2012

Money Tip: Eating Out At Chili's

Wild Bill and I like to eat out, so we try to save money whenever we can. We've developed a knack for finding the best deals at places we like to eat.

We use to spend over $40 when we ate at Chili's. Now we can eat at Chili's for around $20, not including tax or tip.

I left tax and tip out of the comparison because taxes vary and people tip differently. We tend to leave a little extra for the tip when we drink water because the server does just as much work bringing water as ice tea.

Here's what we consider the best deal at Chili's:

A section on Chili's menu is "Two For $20" that includes a choice of an appetizer to share and two meals. Under the Two For $20 menu section, there are a variety of meals and appetizers listed.

Wild Bill and I both love Chili's Spareribs with the Shiner Bock beer sauce. For the side, their Coleslaw is wonderful.

I'm embarrassed to show you our appetizer as we finished the guacamole before I thought about taking pictures to post on this money saving meal!

You'll have to trust me when I say the guacamole was wonderful with corn and fire roasted tomatoes.

Here's a close up of the Coleslaw. It appears they add tomatoes to it too. Whatever was in it, it was good!

For the most part, we've switched to drinking water in restaurants. I'm trying to cut my sugar intake and increase my water drinking as much as possible. The side benefit is it reduces the cost too as, you know, water is always free unless it's bottled.

I'm not getting paid for this post. Chili's has no idea who I am. All words come from me -- and I think I just talked myself into lunch at Chili's today!  

Happy Sunday wherever you are.


  1. You're right, eating out is expensive, and like you we're always trying to find a way to save a few dollars and still have a good meal--I love Chili's and am going to have to remember this!! THANKS!!

    I hope you're enjoying your weekend!!

  2. I rarely order a drink in a restaurant now. It's amazing how much difference in makes to the bill! ~ Maureen

  3. They just opened up an East County Phils BBQ (remember we went there when you were here?) in the same parking lot as our Chili's so if I wanted ribs and coleslaw it's a no brainer- Phil's it is! I am thinking poor Chili's is going to be a little less busy in my neck of the woods!