Friday, October 4, 2013

Pottery Barn Pillow

Are you like me? I often regret buying things.

That's not the case with this pillow I purchased at Pottery Barn last week.

I put it on the couch, across from my favorite chair, so I can see it all the time.

Wild Bill is so tired of hearing me tell him how much I love that pillow!

I'm not an "orange" person normally, but the soft oranges of the pillow have me dreaming of painting the walls a spicey color.

The pillow has lots of texture, something the living room really needs. I tend toward the bland and have recently been painting everything white.

This pillow made me realize I really need some color in my life.

The pillow also inspired me to get out my Fall and Halloween decorations.

This scarecrow is from Cracker Barrel, a chain restaurant here in the South.

I bought him 3 years ago. Cracker Barrel doesn't carry him anymore, but he could be easily made.

I put him on a chair in the living room with some lighted pumpkins I bought a few years ago at Walmart.

Love those pumpkins. They were only a few dollars and they're still burning after so long a time.

Getting a good picture is almost impossible for me since my photo skills are so low.

My Christmas request from Santa is a good camera that I vow I will read the directions and learn to use properly!

I'm joining the following parties:


  1. Hope you get your wish!! Your house looks great!!

  2. The pillow from Pottery Barn is so pretty! Love the soft colors. Tell Wild Bill I love it too!

  3. Love all the orange pumpkins and pillows! I'm with you - I want a better camera that I PROMISE I will read the directions to. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Very pretty! Visiting from Feathered Nest Friday.

  5. There are so many gorgeous pumpkin and autumn decorations going on in blogland. I don't know where to start. xx

  6. I liked your pillow at first glance. Noticed the texture. Love your pumkins all lit up. Hope santa hears your request.

  7. How have I not found your blog before? You and I have both been around awhile and I don't remember seeing you. I just went back a couple of years and can see that you are in the Dallas area. We are too. Your kitchen is amazing!!

  8. Your pillow is darling as is the little Halloween scene you've created:) PB has changed so much over the years. They carry some gorgeous home decor and you can still get some things for a reasonable price.