Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Making The Baskets Roll

 Last post, I bravely showed you the mess
I have in my office nook.

I decided to replace the ugly plastic tubs
under the desk in the corner with my
favorite large baskets from Target. 

Trouble is, the stuff  I keep under the desk
area tends to be heavy, mostly books and
projects waiting for some attention.
I didn't want the heavy baskets to scratch
up the wood floors.

My plan was to use cheap wood to build a
rolling platform for three baskets. The baskets
measure 15x18 each. I wanted the platforms
to be the same size as the basket bottoms.
The cheapest wood was plywood. The best
sized one I could find was 24x48 for $16.95
at Home Depot. It was 3/4 inch thick.

The friendly man in the wood department cut
it down to an 18 inch length and 45 inch width.
Then he cut the width into three, 15 inch pieces.
No charge for the cutting.

 I also bought 12 small rollers that turn

 around 360 degrees. Each roller was $2.65
Yeah...if you're keeping track, my cheap
platforms were starting to get out of hand!

With a package of flathead wood screws  (each
wheel takes four screws) the final talley was
about $63 to make the three platforms.

 That really hurt!

 The good thing is the wheels are always re-usable.

I may stain the platforms at a later date.
For now, I'm using them the way they are. 
I have an office to clean out, remember?

I do have a few scraps of plywood left over that I
plan to use for another project. The bad news is I
have 3 more baskets that could use platforms too.

Thanks for dropping by! 


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  1. Love this idea! The wheels make it much fancier and use friendly. I'd like to have that next to my desk

    1. Stacey, I think it would be more economical to make it out of scrap boards. I'm thinking of making just a frame, like a picture frame, and putting the wheels on the corners. Glad you liked the idea though. I do love how they turned out.

  2. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Although the co$t was more than you bargained for. . .
    these are sturdy and will hold all your heaviest treasures!!!
    I love the look "un~stained", but can see that staining would blend well with your wood floors!!!
    My MoMa always told me. . ."You get what you pay for"! Nicely done, dear one!!!

  3. Wow, they did turn out kind of expensive, but they are great. I would have been looking for scrap wood and checking Habitat for Humanity or thrift stores for the wheels, but that's just me:)

  4. I love this idea...and you will be able to use the rolling platforms for other things later in life if you need/want to. Under a huge indoor flower pot or other such heavy item. Anyway...I like your basket and wheels! Good job. Sheila E

  5. A great idea but being thrifty that would have made me say ouch! LOL Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you will come again. Nancy

  6. What a great idea and I love those baskets!! It is great to be able to roll them around rather than pick them up!

  7. I love your ideas...and they seem to always turn out pretty. Why does everything cost so much!

  8. Love your solution, but isn't it always the way. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I've been using the plant platforms that I get at Walmart, not sure if the size would be suitable , but they work for me, wheels included, around $10 each, I've even put two together (with electrical ties) for a larger basket. Check it out. How did your painted baskets look?

  9. I need lots baskets on wheels but for now will have to stick to plastic tubs LOL
    I really like the size of your basket

  10. I think the platform were a great idea and so useful. Bummer they cost more!

  11. The platform was a great idea. easily moveable is a good thing too! I love baskets because they look pretty and hold a lot of stuff inside.