Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Visit To Cabin & Cottage's Shop

While in Albuquerque earlier this month visiting youngest daughter and family, I stopped at the vintage shop, Je L'Adore, where Jacqueline of Cabin & Cottage blog has a booth.
You could spend a fortune while there! So many nice things to see and buy. I made two purchases while at the shop: a small linen pillow and a vintage watering can. 
Jacqueline often shows linens on her blog and gives great advice on how to clean and restore vintage linens. 

Her shop did not disappoint! She carries a variety of vintage linens, all in perfect condition, and the displays are lovely.
I borrowed two photos of Jacqueline's booth (above and below) from her blog because, frankly, I was too busy looking around the shop to take many pictures!
Here's the little white pillow I bought all settled in to it's new home on our love seat. I like to add a lot of white around the house because it brightens up our neutral spaces.
The other purchase, the vintage watering can, is all banged and beaten up to perfection. I forgot to get a close-up before I started decorating the top of our TV cabinet with it. 
If you're interested in restoring vintage linens and want to learn how to clean them and remove stains, stop by Jacquelin's blog Cabin & Cottage and look around.

Even if you're like me and don't have vintage linens to restore, you can drop by and look at all the pretty things Jacqueline shares with her readers. She always has something going on!

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Such a beautiful booth, so many things to look and admire.

  2. I'm a sucker for vintage linens, but have always avoided ones with any kind of stain.

  3. So many lovely items in her booth. I would have gone crazy. Love the watering can on top of TV stand and your pillow looks good on your coach.

    Enjoy your weekend. It's HOT here.


  4. I follow Jacqueline's blog, too, and always wanted to go to her shop! It looks like a dream! Love your purchases <3 xx Karen

  5. Well I am so thrilled to see your new things from my space in your home! Great picks! The watering can looks perfect, and the pillow looks right at home. I am so glad you liked what you saw! Such nice compliments from you! Thanks so much.

  6. Great purchases! That pillow looks perfect where you put it! And I wouldn't have been able to resist an old watering can "all banged and beaten up to perfection."

  7. Jacqueline is so talented! I bet her booth was delightful. Thanks for sharing with SYC.