Thursday, June 29, 2017

Adorable Little Free Pantry

In my last post, I showed you the Little Free Library on a street in the small downtown area of McKinney Texas. 

Right down the street there's also a Little Free Pantry...

When I say small, I really mean small as you can see from these photos. It's just a large cabinet with simple directions...

Take What You Need - Leave What You Can

The glass doors of the pantry have further instructions. The left door says it in English: 

To best serve the need, please take only 5 items.

The right door repeats the instructions in Spanish:

The next trip we make to McKinney, I plan to take some of our extras, both books and food, to help stock the little pantry and the little library. 

It's such a worthy cause, especially because it's "People to People" without any supervision and lengthy rules!

I also plan to stop in the two shops that the Little Free Library and Little Free Pantry sit in front of, and I'll ask how the pantry and the library came to be. 

There's a story there, of that much I'm sure...a story of giving and community.

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  1. Oh I can't wait to hear the stories of how they came about! I drop off a book now and again at a Little Free Library in my neighborhood, but I've never seen a Little Free Pantry. Wonderful!

  2. What a wonderful idea the Little Free Pantry is.
    I've never heard of anything like it.

  3. LOVE the pantry idea too! Have seen the wee library book houses --- in the remote northwoods of Wisconsin, of all places! But the pantry? Now THAT is something we should see more of in this world. Perfectly lovely.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, Sugar! I should think I will be blogging about my next house? That's the plan! Enjoy the long holiday weekend!

  4. I love this idea, both are wonderful. I have often thought of putting a Free Library outside of my house. A pantry, I must say I have never thought of, but in some areas would be very useful.

  5. We have this in our community and they are both beside each other on the same property as our County Hall, County offices and local library and art gallery. Such an amazing idea! X Chy

  6. Such a wonderful community thing to do. I would love to know how it came about.

  7. What lovely ideas. It'd never work here. Some little thug would smash them up for the 'fun' of it! I'm glad there are parts of the world where such things happen.

  8. There's a Little Free Library downtown. I want to drop off a few books. I think the pantry idea is excellent, too! I am featuring this post in the Blog Hopping section of July 3rd's Happy Homemaker Monday at Harvest Lane Cottage! Be blessed!

    1. Thanks Laura. I appreciate the feature.

    2. Here's the link.
      You're most welcome!

      God bless!

  9. Wow! What a wonderful idea.... (At the same time, I know there is at least a person/perhaps organization behind this - keeping it sanitary, etc...